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Speaking of alts...
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>Even with an army of alts, a post limit tool would go a long way in regard to increasing the effort that a mentally ill person needs to commit to in properly destroying the place.
>In a moment of need Elvis could simply adjust the max daily posts from say 5 or 10 daily to only 1, so that even an army of 30 alts can only flood at 30 posts/day. It could turn a full scale raid into a piddle.
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imo 10 would be a good daily limit to avoid suffocating everyone while keeping a cap on the power-user types
Have you noticed that we get spammed/flooded with low quality, ubiquitously downvoted posts in batches of 5 to 10 several times a day?
Next time you feel that a post is particularly high quality or relevant, check the user, you'll probably see that it was their only post all day, if not multiple days or sometimes weeks.
Totally anecdotal but it is a reminder that a few unhinged people have basically got the forum in a soft hostage situation at all times a la Insurgent because we have no limits on post volume or rate. And those people can be anyone acting for any reason.
Even with an army of alts, a post limit tool would go a long way in regard to increasing the effort that a mentally ill person needs to commit to in properly destroying the place.
In a moment of need Elvis could simply adjust the max daily posts from say 5 or 10 daily to only 1, so that even an army of 30 alts can only flood at 30 posts/day. It could turn a full scale raid into a piddle.
Being able to deflect a raid by any extent without mod actions would mean that the forum would be free to ban legitimately insane or abusive people without immediately going to manual "one by one mod action" war for however long a sperg can keep it up (long).
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A cat is by definition not a chud as the h in chud stands for humanoid
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The age of a post and the number of times it has been reposted? Just a number.
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They say it's going to surpass $20m which is nuts for a small movie, and I'm pretty sure when execs at Disney heard that they said "well we can spare $20m on anti-marketing" because a huge success from a faith based movie will put pie on their face after a particularly brutal year of woke flops. Disney's excuse has been that they are performing the best within an environment of flops and that this environment is simply insurmountable as a studio. Along comes a indie flick with a budget Disney would wipe on a napkin, proving it is the studio's problem.
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"managed to get"
That is like saying I "managed to get my coffee maker to make coffee" by pressing a button on an appliance that was only ever designed to work like that
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No and I could not outright support this even if our communities were entirely European descendant and fitted with all the non-government mechanisms our ancestors had for maintaining standards of behavior. However, in such a scenario, the brunt of the harm caused by full legality would be easily withstood.
Now, here, in reality, it would only reduce the amount of actively dangerous blacks that police are able to apprehend. And this in an environment where the state has no motive to remove blacks in any other scenario. They will only remove a black whose presence actively and publically undermines their authority, and only because they have to. The fact that doing so helps Whites is not just incidental, it's an undesirable consequence of necessary action on part of the state.
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Thanks, "ayh" think itll make a big difference
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Is there functionality to block specific scored users, from the arete side?
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What's the matter, not enough corn syrup? This is from a time when things were infinitely better and we were more connected to our land, community, family etc.
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This is awesome, thank you Elvis
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Awesome. Thanks for sharing this.
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>Just to clarify - the domain's deletion had nothing to do with us (Scored). We are just the messenger.
/u/c on communities
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It's quite a bold display of the grifting cycle, and quite comical that this is the end destiny of ptg's and /r/The_Donald.
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Yeah if you can get the eyes on your product, as it sounds like you can do.
If you are selling quantity of a smaller variety (less than 100 different) products you can use inventory aggregate software like sellbrite or inkfrog and essentially hook up infinite online storefronts to one physical inventory. For small or niche platforms you typically need to export csv data and have pictures organized separately to be added in on the target platform, which is why I suggest it only if you have low variety / high quantity inventory.
I have high variety / single quantity inventory so my opinions are limited due to the labor impracticality of handing any inventory migration that requires any level of per-item attention instead of "just werking". I have thought of changing my direction just to get away from that and get inventory for which data is easier to manage.
It represents a "hail mary" attempt on the third party platform model, but with diversification to pad dead ends.
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I meant to say there is a lack of mod drama at Recently some proto rapist sperg stalked and doxxed a girl so there's your drama, but it wasn't mod drama or anything that would drive people to arete.
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Seller? Shopify plus marketing dollar out the wahzoo for long term. Set your model on "amazon or walmart but not amazon or walmart" and you will either run into dead ends or find yourself dealing with the same problem later on but even worse due to your growth.
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It's seen mostly as a backup for which is still active with no mod drama
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I like potatoes.
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In America, coal burn you.
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Thanks for your comfort. Regarding personal fear (as opposed to the base, everyday hopes and worries we have for loved ones), God can be the only real motive, or is at the end of the line of logic behind another fear. I think I used "going to hell" a little more straightforwardly than I really meant. I consider it to be an expression that describes how I felt about how I've done in God's eyes after a particularly direct failure. If hell weren't associated with failing God then that'd mean there'd be a worse form of punishment to fear more than hell.
I performed a sin and even though I felt guilty I did not confess or make good to those I wronged until I absolutely had to.
In the wake of this, I don't feel clean of my sin or that there is a way to become clean. I feel that what I have done in repentance doesn't "count" because I didn't initiate it on my own free will like I know should have.
It was a thing I promised I wouldn't do, in my mind in a prayer to God, and I broke it and on that basis I fear I will go to hell. I am religious but not a Catholic or part of a family that attends church. Should I seek church where a priest will hear my confession even as an outsider?
The idea of confessing in this way seems hollow considering I have confessed to my family, those I wronged, and God in prayer (had to be confronted that way). The person I most directly wronged gave me forgiveness, as well as some of those otherwise affected by it, but the promise I made to God in my head was broken and there is nothing they can do for that even if they wanted, it's a private betrayal between the Lord and I.
Is there anything I can do? It follows that the answer is to live well and accept my guilt for the past... but this is ALWAYS true as far as I understand. It doesn't feel right that despite having an intolerable sin weighing down on me I would pursue forgiveness from God on a basis of "Whoopsie daisy, guess Ill just go on and try better"
What can I actively DO?
I have a hard time imagining hearing a priest say I'm forgiven isn't just human comfort. I don't feel secure in taking someone's word for it. I have never related as a Catholic, I have always felt a person's relationship with God is direct. And I feel I violated that in horrifically direct way.
What is the best way to repent for a promise you broke to God? Any help is appreciated. If you think I will go to hell, idk how much functional good it will do me to hear it. That is why I ask for advice. I want to focus on how to move forward.
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