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Every speech has limits, but should you be persecuted for naming someone for their crimes?
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Much to my surprise he undid the ban.
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Without free speech there is no freedom.
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> 3 hours ago RightSideFunding removed comment by Tima -
> 3 hours ago RightSideFunding removed comment by Tima -
> 3 hours ago RightSideFunding **approved comment by like** - (((media))) erases crimes of democrats. Trump ALWAYS said the clot shot should be be a choice, never mandatory. A choice. DEMOCRATS, not republicans: ====== - forced masks - banned t
> 3 hours ago RightSideFunding removed comment by JosephGoebbels5 - Your perverse use of the word "Fed" is laughable since Fed implies national, not international. Seeing as you're an Australian in Vietnam, the term doesn't apply to you. **AUSSIELUKE CLAIMS TO HAVE
> 3 hours ago RightSideFunding banned user JosephGoebbels5 - 7 days with reason: Engaging in attempted doxing, after clear warning a few weeks back. Next ban will be permanent with nuke.
Let's get one thing straight, you plebbit power mod hypocritical faggot: Your warning was in the context of that pic I posted, nothing more. You said if I posted it again (citing doxxing which you all agreed wasn't even him) then I would be banned.
> – RightSideFunding [M] 1 hour ago +3 / -1 /u/ JosephGoebbels5 - Please stop posting this (attempted dox) **image** on ConPro. Future posting of this **image ** will result in a ban. Thank You.
In addition, the rules state **NOTHING** about "attempted" doxxing (or even doxxing as a whole for that matter), which this was clearly not. It's public information voluntarily uploaded to the internet, which legally defined is not doxxing. If that isn't enough, look at the ridiculous claims he called "attempted doxxing"
It was shot down at the time, but you seem partial to him, the one celebrating his running off users by doxxing them, even offering a bounty to do so.
You side with that jew every time, enabling his spam that constantly slanders anyone who disagrees with him. This looks very questionable as to why he holds so much influence over ConPro. Exactly why is it he gets his way 99% of the time?
Then to top it all off, you removed any memes criticizing that fraud, memes that clearly broke no rules. Yet how quickly you forget, when he was doing the same shit you criticized me for (drama posting) your answer was "It's inevitable".
I do enjoy removing your mask as I did on Ruqqus. Everyone is going to see you for what you really are. An over emotional powermod who plays favorites. You purport to be NatSoc then act like a commie. Disgusting.
Then you wonder why no one trusts this place.
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Fuck this place then. You just lost me.
My apologies, I had to nuke the content after the admin doxxed my browser info on ConPro. This site cannot be trusted. ⚠️
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