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I can't find too much info on this online, but I stumbled upon it as related to "distributism"; seems to have been a movement sparked by opposition to industrialism in the 1800s, by Catholics, who wanted to preserve a more agrarian way of life. It has been revived in recent years, or there is an attempt to create a "Neo-Catholic Land Movement", as mentioned on sites like
The Industrial Revolution initially created a lot of instability in society and the papal encyclical "Rerum Novarum" was issued partially in response to it. Even into much of the 20th century, agriculture was a big part of the economy in the U.S., but now in the 21st century life has changed more dramatically, which has created further moral problems.
There was a book published called something like "The Catholic Land Movement's Founding Papers" with a collection by some recognized authors like Hilaire Belloc, and a reprint of said book in more recent years called "Flee to the Fields". I can't find much of these contents online but maybe I could cobble them together if requested (I can obtain access to "Flee" book).
I do see this online which may offer a sketch of the idea:
"The Catholic Land Movement: Its Motives" by Fr. Vincent Mcnabb, O.P., S.T.M, Foreword by G. K. Chesterton (early 20th century?)
In my view a "CL movement" would simply be sharing practical homesteading skills, as many secular sites probably already do, but would also argue for how the agrarian way of life might be conducive to living a sound moral life, from a Catholic standpoint.
"On Rural Life" by Pope Pius XII (1946)
On this Thanksgiving (U.S.), it is a time to give thanks for farms and food and the "fruits of harvest", and to reflect on their importance and impact on our way of life today.
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