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Hello fellow consumers,
As always thank you to everyone that participated in the last weekly and remember you are Operation MONKE!
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# This Weeks Discussion Theme: [Consoom Trumpler] (
In this weekly we consoooooooooom Trumpler! Unless you been living in a log cabin off grid for the last two weeks you likely know Trump has been arrested. So, what did he do? They must have finally gotten him for his trips to Epstein Island? Oops, wrong guy. Wait oh it must have been for his son’s shady business deals with Ukraine and China. Dang, wrong guy again. Oh, wait, it has something to do with that corn star Hurricane Denise? Wasn’t all this nonsense settled like years ago? Who knows... Just need to crack open a few more Dylan Mulvaney Bud Lights and turn on CNN. Is there any sports ball on?
Discussion ideas:
* What is your opinion on Trumps arrest?
* Is it really campaign finance fraud or just weaponized lawfare?
* Do you think Trumps arrest have harmed his prospects for 2024 or helped?
# Weekly Polls:
* ▶ [What do you want next week’s theme to be? (04-23)](
* [Suggest a new weekly themes to be added to the list](
# Previous Weeklies:
* [Master List](
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~ u/Elvis_Interstellar on
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Total Chink Death (
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never forget the 64 million (
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It just makes perfect sense when you look at it that way.
reddit moment (
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kek (
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NPCs just got a new update (
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I didn't even check if he was a jew, i just guessed from his behavior . He tried to insist he was a White German Russian but i called him a jew because of his behavior and he blocked me. Which confirms it for me

I don't even need an early life section anymore i can just sense it now
Banned again? (
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"The chosen ones!" (
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including Andrew Torba.
like come on, he's a zionist. he was friend with Epsteine, renowned* child traficker.
he loves boosters and was supporting them.
he just loves Israel. why even bother to vote.
Ascend (
posted 19 hours ago by Careless_Ejaculator on (+0 / -0 / +99Score on mirror )
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