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I've taken down the banner notice already, but you can still find the original community on Scored here:
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Still there, albeit with a slightly different URL now that the .win domain's gone. It's hard to find as it's not really listed anywhere.
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Fake screenshot fortunately. It's just suspended (cannot resolve to scored servers IP) as of right now.
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Really? That's some weird bug then. You never interacted with this post.
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No one liked your trolling in chat and they all reported your comments. Just join back with your real account.
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No. The few original communities, ours included, have individual domains owned by one of the moderators. The issue with ours however is that it's owned by a former subreddit mod who presumably has no interest in the .win site.
We used to be in contact in an Element chat, but the 200acres custom server we used mysteriously went offline. We don't have any other contacts. Seeing that it's been almost a year since then and that individual has made no attempt at reaching out on .win or even made an account, I can safely assume he has abandoned us.
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Yes, of ConsumeProduct's .win domain. Meaning when it expires, the site will no longer be accessible.
Therefore the options are:
* Move to Arete, fully under my control
* Instruct users to start accessing the community via scored.co/c/ConsumeProduct effectively becoming just another "sub" of Scored
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It may be time to move finally move the consumeproduct.win user base here. Not to mention it would also resolve the issue of us having lost contact with the domain owner.
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Search and full archive of old Voat and a small forum.
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I don't know what's with this obsession to make a site apolitical as if that's going to attract Reddit refugees. No one is going to join a site because of some shitty memes, you might as well just stay on the larger site (Reddit). No amount of front page curation is going to convince people who are off-putted by "muh racist nazis" to stay. At most it's going to make it more palatable for MAGA boomers.
Ruqqus tried to do the same and it failed miserably. They got their support from leftist Discord users, while ignoring all input from the actual user base. In the end they had to resort to censorship, in turn killing the site.
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I do wonder how much influence the *no-politics communities* app had on the decision to censor ConsumeProduct from the default "apolitical" front page.
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They censored the c/Meta thread about it.
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> knows hebrew
Any evidence of this? I scrolled a bit through the profile but didn't find it.
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Shapeshifting in action:
This is the same user who always calls out nazis and wants ConsumeProduct to be shut down for what he calls meaningless hatred of jews. Now he calls people "Jew shills".
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The domain wasn't whitelisted yet.
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No issues uploading for me. Does hCaptcha cause problems for you? I had to turn it on because of spam raids.
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> Image posts don't seem to work.
In what way? Do you get an error when trying to upload images?
ConsumeProduct live chat (arete.network)
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> Just didn't know if someone was trying to usurp your name to build false credibility
It's a valid concern. Rdrama fags have done this multiple times. The most recent is copying the name of NigaroFagetsu-kun.
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This is an alt with mod level access only (no server management pages or viewing private content).
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My profile says "Global moderator" and I'm listed as the owner of the ConPro board. Does this answer your question?
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Everyone's aware of their bullshit. Whatever they're trying to pull won't work here or on .win.
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