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Seems like it really was down. This post didn't mirror.
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Might be some leftover from a deleted chatroom that didn't get cleared automatically. There is a button in the top right corner to clear them all.
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[New feature on b/ConsumeProduct]( Already had some problems with bad actors using it to spam animal torture and CP, but it mostly turned out alright.
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Not yet. Scored users are technically "anon ids", which are already blockable, so shouldn't be too hard to add.
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It's a mod tools feature here.
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Not retroactive. The mirrors are currently hidden by default to prevent the front page from being flooded entirely with the ConsumeProduct board and to hide non-original content from search engines. This may change in the future if I manage to design a better algorithm that produces something akin to what Reddit's and Scored's subscription feeds look like. Posts originally submitted to Arete are always displayed however.
Note that they are still visible when directly visiting [b/ConsumeProduct](, you can also easily go to your settings and opt-in to display them everywhere if you're logged in.
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I'll have to look into that. Seems to load fine on my end, and I thought the issues were fixed already, but with the way I dynamically resize the content preview box after it loads it's to be expected.
Edit: also the delay from forwarding content to Scored causing you to have posted this comment 5 times. No reason not to do that action in the background instead of waiting on it.
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[Well, you've now proven that it does indeed function.](
Content mirroring between []( and []( is now ready for an experimental test run. There are bound to be some issues starting out and changes may be reverted if anything goes catastrophically wrong.
I have tried my best to minimize the number of requests to the Scored API as much as possible, which means that feed updates won't happen in real time, but they should still be frequent enough to display fresh content (currently a 15 minute interval). Old posts will be updated when accessed directly or when listed on feeds.
I've made sure to respect content deletion and not retain deleted content, so as long as everything works as intended, content deleted by users on should become unavailable as soon as someone attempts to view it, if not prior to that through feed updates detecting discrepancies.
Any posts or comments you make on Arete Network's Consume Product board will be automatically crossposted to Scored by a bot account.
Mirrored content is by default hidden from Arete's front page, but you may choose to enable it in [your settings](, or turn it off entirely if you so desire.
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Lots of drama and infighting happened in the chat around Insurgent (u/terry_a_davis). @Earendil_The_Mariner nuked the entire alternative private chat and several people deleted their accounts both from here and Scored because I didn't ban 4 people (main one being Insurgent) from the public one. You wouldn't know about that though as you were not participating in it.
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For Arete I use some obscure registrar that allows crypto payments for anonymity, but they are just a middleman for Namesilo who don't have any hate speech policies afaik, but who knows...
Just look at what happened to Daily Stormer. Their domains have been shoahed almost as many times as jews have been expelled from countries
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And thanks for remembering this site exists. Although it's pretty dead as of right now, it does still serve as a functional backup in case Scored kicks us out or something happens to it.
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Do you mean
Yes, that domain name is dead. Our registrar (NameCheap) shut it down for antisemitism and the only hope we have left is to wait until it expires next year for someone to reclaim it. However, the board itself is still very much active despite all the drama in the community. It's accessible through
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That's definitely a bug that I'll fix, but I don't get what you mean with the first part.
> After the unfair treatment from the admins of this site
Do you mean the downvotes? Well, that was to be expected.
I haven't done anything to you personally, nor have I ever interacted with you.
test by admin
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Testing if post submissions are no longer broken.
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That just means you voted successfully. Maybe I should reword it.
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That will always be an issue with making any poll open to unregistered users.
This poll is also open to unregistered users.
Thanks to @happybillmoney for suggesting this feature.
You can make your own polls by submitting a post to Arete and selecting "Poll" as the type.
Polls are now a thing. They are available as a new post type and enabled by default on all existing boards.
You may also optionally open them to unregistered users.
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