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Everyone may adopt it and call it their own.
All may join with us in CREATION, or CREATE alone.
A Decentralized network of Distributed networks.
White Racial Loyalty the uniting Manifesto fore all.
Watch it grow. Watch others pick it up.
From the beginning I knew that a dozen Loyalists could change the world, if they have Will and Persistence going for them, only.
God willing, it will happen.
Supremacy, much like Survival.
Belonging to they who expand, and increase Power.
To blame, to complain, to wait for another.
Not a sign of Supremacy, rather inferiority.
All that must be done, to CREATE. with a Unifying path.
Few will know the identities of the first Arete ParSocians, in the future they will all say "we did this ourselves".
As it should be, links in a Chain.
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You could use the NaturalValueScore raw data om ParallelSearch to start the analysis process..
THEN, if it was possible to not only give Natural businesses exposure on ParSea, but to also enter them into ParSec.. it would be extremely powerful.
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Beautiful... I think that a fund like this would do really well... It is a type of unifying message, that any on the Right can understand, and get behind.
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White people grouping together in mutual aid, and protection. White people living together and sharing resources.
The only thing that ParSoc absolutely means is Mutual Aid, and Protection.. it can be in business, geography, religion, or hobby.
The goal is to find and coordinate with others to increase our chances of survival.
Those who don't understand this always focus on homesteading exclusively, but that is only one avenue that ParSoc may be worked out.
The 16th of December commemorates the Battle of Blood River - where less than 500 Boers stood their ground against 15k to 30k savages. The Boers emerged victorious from the seemingly impossible battle with only 3 injured and thousands of dead Zulus.
Prior to the battle, the besieged Boers made a vow which promised that if God would protect them and deliver the enemy into their hands, they would build a church and commemorate the day of their victory as if it were an annual Sabbath day to be honoured by them and their descendants.
Since then the Boers have celebrated the 16th of December as the Day of the Vow (Geloftedag). This battle and the preceding Vow manifests the birth of the Boer volk's origin myth: overcoming overwhelming odds in order to conquer some of the harshest terrain on earth thanks to the grace of God.
ParSoc in Orania festival (files.catbox.moe)
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He is essentially the creator of the idea of ParallelSociety in its modern usage
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Wow, that is an impressive assertion.
I love Havel, I have one of his books, and he is surely one of the most unknown heroes of our times.
thanks bro!
For more than 100 years, our great Loyalist Ancestors have first focused on Activism,.. they have held speeches, created weekly magazines, and weekly radio shows.
Their goal has always been to awaken the masses, and to bring a change about through this awakening.
There is the NationalAlliance, at one time they had a few thousand members, there was CREATIVITY, Matt Hale claims that they had more than one million followers at one time,. there was the movement started by William Dudley Pelley, he may have had hundreds of thousands of members in his Silver Legion (My favorite of all of them)
They had big dreams, and they had the Truth on their side.. many men listened, and some would join and participate.
One after the next, the Lawfare and resistance came, and the plans plateaued.
Their formula was activism first, and economics second.
If you ever have a chance to read "Fame of a Dead mans deeds" make sure to read the section about Robert Mathews.. the story details the efforts of Mathews, and Lane, and other members of the Order.. they tried to create a lumber business, they tried various legitimate businesses, and when these were not fast enough in creating revenue, they turned their efforts towards more unorthodox methods, which in time were their cause of defeat.
What I advocate for is an inversion of priorities, first economics, second activism.
For a long time I was like many others and I believed that the Truth was sufficient. If I were to figure out the Right combination of words, the ideal marketing strategy, then Naturally the word would spread, and many honest White Folk would simply accept the message, and change their life to serve the Cause.
It aint gonna work like that, and I know it.
I know it because much better men than me have tried it, and they have all failed in the same way.
We will always speak the Truth, and the word will spread, but without a Foundation, without Reserves, without Infrastructure the Truth cannot fulfill its destiny.
Therefore I encourage all who care to become serious about making money.. to learn a skill, to start a business, to join a business.. we all need to be financially secure, and independent from the machine , if we are to have a chance in the White Revolution.
Ideally many of us will form close bonds with several other Loyalists, we will get to know each other personally, on a private level, and we will collaborate to start these much needed businesses.
Just take for example "Above Time Coffee Roasters" , they only launched a few months ago, with a home business, and now many people complain that they are always out of stock! Good problem to have.
In this current Social, and Political climate, Loyalists, and Conservatives want to support small businesses that share their Values, but there are not enough of them out there.. There is a lot of soap, some good farms, skincare.. but we need more than that.
We need Electronics companies, furniture companies, more book sellers, and publishers.. We need pet food dealers, and we need more Loyalist farmers coming forward to serve the Revolution. We especially need eCommerce businesses.. this way we can serve our Folk all over the Nation, and world.. and fill many gabs in the Supply chain.
Mutual Aid - Autarky - Agorism - Productive Labor.
There are the primary values of the ParSoc, and this is what we focus on on our strategy, and our discussions.. This is what we will Create for our own members, and this is what we will teach others about.
Every time a Loyalist starts his own business, every time he makes wise investments, every time that one of us learns a valuable skill, we Succeed.
I know that most of us work full time, and that we do not have much free time, but we cannot use this as an excuse to not start. Even if it is an investment of a few hours a week, why not do it?
Will you commit to yourself, and your Race to strive for Autarky?
You are welcome to join us in the ParSoc Chat to discuss :
White Pills & Solutions Only.
We will moderate the chat in the same way that we mod our other communities.
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Talpiot is the greatest weapons of the jews.
Their super secret spy and tech agency referred to as Unit 8200 negotiated deals with MOST of the large silicone (chip makers) , and they were able to insert a backdoor / listening port / shut off switch into all chips..
Which means (in theory) that the jews can observe all online activity on a computer or device with their talpiot chip, and they can also shut it off with a switch.
This would mean that the jews have 100% transparency into all computer activities of all citizens, and governments.. and they can shut off the entire connected electric grid of any Nation on demand.
This is their real "Samson Option"/
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Thanks! I'll add it
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I added dailystormer, but I'm not sure what "IWB" is?
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We have 17 million companies in our Search index, and this data includes the Race of the Company Founder.. I have considered integrating this data into Search, but I have to verify the accuracy of the data first.
In time we will implement the "NaturalValuesScore" which will take into account the Race of the owner, the Races of people pictured on the website, the Values promoted on the page, and the location for a comparison of demographics.. along other factors.
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Thank you, I will make sure that those are on the list. I have about 30 others that I am integrating..
Then I have to work on the filtering, and make sure that the most important / relevant articles are at the top.
We have now launched ParallelNews! (www.parallelsearch.win)
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This is a great format.
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Oh snap
DARPA and Talpiot sittin in a tree..
Spyying on the Goyeem.
Something like that
btw, Talpiot is Israels real Samson Option.
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I cannot speak for all cases, but I do know that many Aryan cultures used this as part of the Justice system, to punish the worst criminals.
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