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Q and A
Gordon sits down for an exclusive interview with Billy Roper, the founder of the Shieldwall Network and Ozarkia, an intentional community of White Nationalists located in Arkansas. They discuss Billy's history as an activist in the movement, the situation in America as he sees it, and his current projects.
Off Grid Living is a LIE ( Hopes & Dreams
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European people seeing themselves as people. Reclaiming our culture.
1:43:06 min
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Go Outside🌲
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Northwest Front on Gab
Northwest front homepage and resources
Building White Community and Mutual Aid
The Europa Benevolent Society
FLASHBACK; A look an earlier collapse prep culture.
Bob McKeown looks at the rapidly expanding survivalist movement in the 1980s, which believed that nuclear war and social breakdowns were real possibilities. Survivalists were stocking up on long-lasting food, buying guns, and bombproof shelters in order to protect themselves.
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