Historic New England and the Vermont Folklife Center give Vermont’s agricultural heritage a starring role in this documentary film. "Rooted: Cultivating Community in the Vermont Grange" explores how this national farmers’ organization has worked to strengthen and preserve rural communities since 1867.
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90% of these kitchen utensils can be acquired through garage sales and thrifting. Good old tools hold up for years with the proper care.
**Tour of community**
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Documentary featuring various American Survivalists including the The Covenant, The Sword and The Arm of The Lord (Zarephath-Horeb Community Church), Kurt Saxon, Ron Hood, Bruce Clayton, General WerBell III, Jason Lau and various others. The groups and individuals featured in this documentary are returned to throughout the entire 40+ minutes so it's worth watching from beginning to end to ensure you don't miss anything.
Get the ParallelSociety wiki on the first page of Google for the term "Parallel Society" in less than 3 months.
Tolstoy on Anarchism (www.youtube.com)
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- Written Posts about Annuals
- Written Posts about Biennials
- video link
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###History and Etymology for autarky
German Autarkie, from Greek autarkeia, from autarkēs self-sufficient, from aut- + arkein to defend, suffice
**Audio File & Channel post**
13:09 minutes
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2Rainbows is a Christain homesteader and teacher who has dedicated her life to helping others. This her page for compiling her years of Unschooling teaching techniques. She has a good heart.
Here is her introduction post of 'Unschooling' on the Scored Parallel Society page.
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Panarchy, a Forgotten Idea of 1860 (theanarchistlibrary.org)
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So You Want To Build A Mannerbund (theamericansun.com)
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In the Revolutionary War (named by the winner) one side called the other "rebels" to accuse them of immaturely fighting against authority. These "rebels" called themselves "Revolutionaries" because their modern society had become so bad that they saw the need for it to "revolve" back around to tradition and the way things used to be. We are Revolutionaries.
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##Renaissance Man The Complete Works of Stefan Verstappen
Books and guides
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###NorthWest Front [Would you like to know more?](https://news.northwestfront.info/)
Good Schooling (www.youtube.com)
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Give me some suggestions, ideas or a place to start in productive research.
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This will be a compilation of similar groups that share many of the same goals of the Parallel Society. Those who want to live in a homogeneous society outside the control of oppressive enemy government and institutions. Who else want their family and community thrive? Feel free to add groups we can work with to build a bigger, stronger movement.
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List of all Experiments :
1. ParallelAdvertising
2. ParallelCoin
3. ParallelCommerce
4. ParallelSearch
5. ParallelVillages
6. ParallelEntertainment
7. ParallelEducation
8. ParallelHealth
9. ParallelLeadership
10. ParallelSociety
11. ParallelInsurance
12. ParallelInvestments
13. ParallelCulture
14. ParallelGovernment
##Catholic Land Movement:
###Let us build resilient Catholic families & communities.
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**MilitiaUSA; Discussions and weekley meeting channel**
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