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Indoor View + Ceiling:
Outdoor View:
Detail 1: The Lamb on Mount Zion and the Redeemed
Detail 2: Bishop Walter Skirlaw
Detail 3: King Lucius and two other Kings
New Hampshire, USA, 2022
They also distributed 16,000 flyers
This is a pretty good one. For some reason a lot of people on the right seem to think this movie is some based masterpiece. Hopefully this will help those types out in seeing past propaganda in the future.
Eduard von Grützner (May 26, 1846 - April 2, 1925) was a German painter and professor of art. He was also a collector of art himself.
He produced many, many paintings of monks drinking wine. Here are some of them
The Connoisseur.
A Good Drink
Peace and Contentmentment
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medium: oil on canvas
dimensions: 419 × 283 cm
Giordano made an extremely similar painting 3 years earlier with he only difference being that Saint Michael is holding a lance, as opposed to the sword in this work.
I've always loved this piece because it shows evil being overcome not just in the metaphysical sense, but in a visceral, physical sense. Justified, morally upright, violence. An important reminder in an age where force is seen as inherently unjust.
Delving into the sexual revolution, the psychology and misogyny of the sodomite, the phenomenon of rich people having secretive orgies, and wether or not the satanic shenanigans at these orgies are real satanism or merely performative edginess.
This episode concludes with a brief discussion of Nick Cage's 1999 movie, 8mm.
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