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Another Boeing-Linked Whistleblower Has Died: What to Know About Josh Dean and Spirit Aero – DNyuz
Boeing whistleblower Joshua Dean dies suddenly after accusing supplier of ignoring safety flaws in 737 Max production | Daily Mail Online

Whistleblower Josh Dean of Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems has died | The Seattle Times
Boeing whistleblower (John Barnett) found dead in South Carolina | Boeing | The Guardian 12 Mar 2024
BREAKING: Iran launches drone attack | LiveNOW from FOX
Iran Attacks Israel - LIVE Breaking News Coverage
Iran has launched over 100 drones at Israel; IDF working to intercept them en route | The Times of Israel
Iran launches attack against Israel, with drones ‘hours away’ from reaching Israeli soil – live
UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley and Ben Rubin - 10th November 2023 [1.12.38]
Stir, Stir, Stir The Pot
00:20 The Times: Suella Braverman: Police must be even-handed with protests
GB News (on X): Barrister, Steven Barrett, discusses the Met Police's handling of the the pro-Palestine marchon Armistice Day
Inc. Monocle (on X):
As two young British servicemen walk though Trafalgar Square, they were on the receiving end of some abusive language, with the man on the right of the frame making a spitting motion toward them.
Daily Mail: Wear your poppy with pride: MPs say people are 'too nervous' to wear symbol of remembrance over fears of a backlash—as nation rallies round Royal British Legion volunteers who are too terrified to raise cash amid tensions with pro-Palestine protesters
GOV.UK: Sir Mark Rowley Letter from Rishi Sunak
UK Column article: Israel-Hamas conflict: Home Secretary picks a side for the police
Where Do Our Politicians’ Allegiances Lie?
09:09 The Guardian: Waving Palestinian flag may be a criminal offence, Braverman tells police
Vanessa Beeley (Substack): Does Suella Braverman's allegiance lie with the UK or Israel?
CFI (YouTube): Suella Fernandes MP visits Israel with CFI
The Jewish Chronicle: Police must understand that Jews do count, says Braverman
GOV.UK: Protective security grant funding for Jewish institutions to continue
The Electronic Intifada: David Miller was cleared of anti-Semitism, leaked document shows
Jewish News (2021): 100 MPs and peers write to Bristol University over Professor David Miller
Support David Miller: Educators and researchers in support of Professor Miller
Support David Miller: Israel Gravy Train
Guido Fawkes: Julia Hartley-Brewer Furiously Clashes With Chris Williamson Over Hamas
Julia Hartley-Brewer (on X):
I am still shaking with anger at this…
Infosys: Infosys Appoints Uri Levine as an Independent Director
Financial Times: Uri Levine shepherding his Israeli start-ups into billion dollar unicorns
Let’s Talk About Democracy And AI
21:20 Chatham House (YouTube): In conversation with Rory Stewart
Obama Foundation: The 2023 Democracy Forum
MacArthur Foundation:
Financial Overview: Over our 44-year history, MacArthur has awarded more than $7.92 billion to nearly 10,000 effective organizations and creative individuals
News Literacy Project: “You have the power to stop misinformation”
The Institute for Government and the Cabinet Office: Mindspace: Influencing behaviour through public policy (PDF, 2010)
Council of Europe: World Forum for Democracy 2023
The Democracy and Culture Foundation: Building Blocks for Democracy
DemocracyNext (YouTube): How Ireland Transformed Democracy with Citizens’ Assemblies
DemocracyNext’s Newsletter (Substack): How Ireland transformed democracy
DemocracyNext: The DemocracyNext Assembling an Assembly Guide is live
Please Join Us: UK Column Community
UK Column Shop:
Forthcoming Event: The Ruthless Empire Post-9/11—Sunday 3 December, 2023, 6:00 pm GMT
UK Column interview: Trafficked: Child Stealing by the State—Part 1
Not On The Beeb: BBC 'apologise' For 'bias' When Covering Bridgen's Excess Deaths Speech
How Things Are Controlled In The World—A Relevant Look Back
41:49 Fox News (YouTube): James Woolsey on the Russians' efforts to disrupt elections
Academia: Networks of Empire: The US State Department's Foreign Leader Program in the Netherlands, France and Britain 1950–1970 (PDF)
GOV.UK: Introducing the High Level Panel of Legal Experts on media freedom: Amal Clooney's speech
Rense: Foundations Fund Phony 'Left' Media Gatekeepers
Telegraph (2016): Tory MPs to launch attack on pro-EU 'propaganda' leaflet as Parliament returns
Daily Mail: Ministry of Defence lavishing £120,000 a DAY boosting its public image (including more than 100 special Twitter accounts)
The Institute for Government: Nudge Unit
The Guardian: 'Nudge unit' to become profit-making
‘Nearly Every War That Has Started In The Past 50 Years Has Been A Result Of Media Lies!’—Julian Assange
50:58 Spiked: No, Israel is not a 'settler-colonial' state
Sprinter (on X):
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Israel is a stronghold for us... It's almost like having an aircraft carrier in the Middle East. This is our oldest ally. If Israel disappears, Russia, China and the BRICS+ countries will control 90% of the world's oil, and this will be a disaster for US national security.
Husseini (Substack): Is Israel Really Targeting Hamas? Does the US Recognize the Fourth Geneva Convention?
YNet: Hamas deception to IDF helicopters and targeting of pilots in Wattsap
Vanessa Beeley (Telegram): More footage of IOF helicopters firing on unidentified cars
Vanessa Beeley (Substack): The 'Hamas human shield' justification for Israeli war crimes
Defense for Children Palestine: Israeli forces use five Palestinian children as human shields
Syrianaan Alysis (Rumble): The untold history of Hamas
Ben Rubin Reports On Antropy 2023
1:05:22 Eden Project: Anthropy 2023: inspiring a better Britain
B Corporation: B Lab UK’s strategy is rooted in the global Theory of Change, aiming to redefine the role of business within our economic system so that every business is a force for good
William Lewis (LinkedIn): CEO, Publisher and co-founder of The News Movement
The New York Times: Will Lewis Named C.E.O. of The Washington Post
BBC: Trusted News Initiative—Beyond Fake News
The Independent: Rishi Sunak ‘was declared permanent US resident’ while being chancellor [finance minister] of UK
Julia Roberts (Instagram):
Dear World Leaders, We are watching you. #globalgoals
GOV.UK: Health technology expert panel meets for the first time
A Bill to 'prohibit ministers of the Crown from making or implementing any legal instrument which is not consistent with the Sovereignty of the United Kingdom Parliament unless it has been approved by referendum' has been proposed through Ten Minute Rule by MP Andrew Bridgen.
We must not allow unprecedented powers to be given to unelected bureaucrats to dictate public health policy.
The UK Government must uphold the integrity and Sovereignty of the British People by not agreeing to the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) nor agreeing to sign the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty.
Israeli Journalist, Efrat Fenigson: "Something Is Very Wrong Here” - The Prisoner [6.52]
“I served in the IDF 25 years ago in the intelligence forces.. there’s no way, in my view, that Israel did not know what’s coming…Something is very wrong here.”
UK Column News - 14th June 2023 (​​Exercise Cygnus, UK Covid–19 Inquiry, NHS—Your Data, ​​9/11, ‘Global Pandemic Radar’ War Junk) | UKColumn [1.06.27]
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Dr Piers Robinson and with Cheryl Grainger (previous writer for UK Column).
​​Exercise Cygnus and the UK Covid–19 Inquiry
​​00:37 UK Covid–19 Inquiry
​​UK Covid–19 Inquiry Live Stream
​​Transcript of Module 1 Public Hearing on 13 June 2023
​​Weekly all-cause mortality surveillance (week 33 report, up to week 29 data)
​​Office for National Statistics: Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales
​​UK Column article (April 2020): Exercise Cygnus: UK Government Exercise Justifies Covid–19 Lockdown
​​In 2016, the Royal College of Surgeons had complained of chronic bed shortages, so much so that the occupancy rates had gone beyond 89%, when 85% is considered the maximum safe level.
​​The King’s Fund (Labour-aligned NHS think tank): The number of hospital beds in England has halved over the past 30 years
​​NHS England: Virtual ward including Hospital at Home
​​Powys Teaching Health Board: Pandemic Influenza Framework (Page removed)
​​NHS—Your Data Matters
​​10:01 Prof. Norman Fenton—Twitter
​​Substack blog: Where are the numbers? by Norman Fenton and Martin Neil
​​The new SKYCovion vaccine: More questions for MHRA to answer
Viewer ​​April’s response from her surgery about her data being shared
​​NHS: National data opt-out
​​Policy Roles Campus in Sheffield
​​12:25 Cabinet Office: A first-of-its-kind campus for government staff in key policy roles
​​UK Government: Sheffield to be centre for policy jobs under Whitehall shake-up
​​9/11 Changed the Course of History—Guest: Piers Robinson
​​17:11 Announcing the International Center for 9/11 Justice—
​​International Center for 9/11 Justice—Twitter | Facebook
​UK Column presented the Working Group on Propaganda and the 9/11 Global ‘War on Terror’ in October 2021
UK Column interview (October 2021): Propaganda and the 9/11 ‘Global War on Terror': Dr Piers Robinson
​​Join UK Column
​​Debi Evans Blog: 13 June 2023
​​Upcoming UK Column interview: The Financial and Intellectual Bankruptcy of the West: Bob Moriarty, 15 June at 1pm
​​UK’s Biological Security Strategy
​​24:57 Boris Johnson in 2021 announced the plan for a new ‘Global Pandemic Radar’ to identify and track new COVID variants and emerging diseases.
​​Telegraph: UK building radar system to detect future pandemics
​​Mirror: 'Biothreats radar' set up to scan for new pandemic and bio-terror alerts facing UK
​​UK Government: UK Biological Security Strategy
​​The UK Government is working alongside the US Defence Advanced Research Programme Agency (DARPA) to develop and investigate the potential for a networked system of sensors to detect the production or release of chemical and biological threats in urban settings and transport hubs.
​​Cheryl Grainger Reports on the Better Way Conference 2023
​​34:54 Cheryl Grainger reports on the Better Way Conference 2023
​​The worldwide Control Group Cooperative
​​Legacy Media Lived By Its Lies, Falls By Its Lies
​​40:02 BBC: Sharp decline in appetite for news in recent years, Reuters Institute says
​​Daniel Rosney’s Twitter with “Some *professional* news”
​​Brian Gerrish notes:
​​As the BBC realises its biased brand is unmasked and viewers are turning away, Marianna is unleashed to kill the competition.
​​GB News Politicisation
​​48:18 Ofcom:
In relation to the funding of GB News, I can confirm that we do hold this information, however, we are unable to disclose the information that we hold in scope of your request.
​​Press Gazette: Dubai-based investment group and pro-Brexit investor among £60m funders to back GB News as it recruits 120 journalists
​​GB News: Investors
​​Gov.UK: Sir Paul Marshall
​​The Legatum Group stands alongside the Luminos Fund
​​The Luminos Fund donors
​​Guardian: Ofcom investigates GB News after Tory MPs interview chancellor
​​Guardian: Lee Anderson will become latest Tory MP to host show on GB News
​​Lee Anderson—Registered Interests
​​Esther McVey—Registered Interests
​​Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg—Registered Interests
​​The Times: GB News tycoon Sir Paul Marshall eyes up £50m Spectator deal
​​Guardian: Rishi Sunak hires journalist James Forsyth as political secretary
​​Ofcom to carry out audience research regarding politicians presenting programmes
​​War Material: Give The Junk To Ukraine, Get British Taxpayers To Fork Out For Upgrades
​​57:11 Wall Street Journal: Ukraine’s Offensive Begins With Ground Gained, Tanks Lost
​​Kyiv Post: 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade 'Magura'
[​​…] the 47th to be the second army brigade to be filled out primarily with green soldiers trained first in Britain
​​Hindustan Times: Russia Bombed 'Mighty' Leopards Using Lancet Drones
​​HistoryLegends: Ukraine finally launched its "counteroffensive" on the Zaporizhia front
​​Pravda: Ukraine asks Germany for more Leopard 2 tanks
Senator Ronan Mullen Dropping Anti Hate Bill 𝙏𝙧𝙪𝙩𝙝 𝘽𝙤𝙢𝙗𝙨 [2.22]
"Placing limitations on freedom of speech has the ability to bury Truth altogether and curtail the natural right of people to engage in the exchange of ideas”
Elon Drops Free Speech Truth Bombs on Bill Maher! [10.43]!:5
UK Column News - 1st May 2023 with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson. Guest segment with Richard Lucas [1.23.47]
​​Jose Vega Makes Reasonable Points To The Failed Press
​​00:28 Extra evacuation flight from Port Sudan announced
​​Jose Vega speaks the truth at Columbia Journalism School Panel
​​Josa Vega: full clip
​​Transgender Activism And Censorship
​​07:22 Adult Human Female film sparks Edinburgh University protest
​​Guest Richard Lucas
​​Levi Pay’s photos of trans rights protesters
​​The Scottish Sun: Drag row Scots venue cancel controversial kids’ cabaret event featuring male stripper
​​Joanna Cherry Fringe event cancelled amid Stand 'staffing fears'
​​EHRC accused of ‘Kafkaesque silencing’ by withholding trans report
​​New Discourse: The concept of tolerance
​​School Library Pornography
​​21:08 Texas town upset by Book-Ban, considers closing library
​​Top 13 most challenged books of 2022
​​ALA calls for national day of action to protect the freedom to read, designates Right to Read Monday for 2023 National Library Week
​​NY Post: Dems, don’t tell us we need to ‘Shhh!’ Our kids’ school libraries are full of guides on sex acts and gender confusion
​​RFK Jr Addresses His Climate Stance
​​31:39 US presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr says:
​​Climate issues and pollution issues are being exploited by the WEF and Bill Gates and all of these mega-billionaires the same way that COVID was exploited—to use it as an excuse to clamp down top-down totalitarian controls.
​​Apeel: Coating Fruit and Veg
​​34:20 What is Apeel?
​​Evans Apeel (cleaner and degreaser) has no relation to Apeel Sciences and should not be used to preserve fruits and vegetables
​​Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: aPEEL Technology, Inc.
​​Krysten's Kitchen: The Dangerous Chemical Bill Gates Is Coating Your Organic Produce With
​​Restrictions On Encryption
​​38:20 Open Letter to the British Government Regarding the Online Safety Bill
​​Indian Goverment Bans 14 Messaging Apps Said To Be Leveraged By Pakistan-Linked Terrorists
​​Where Have We Heard That Before? US Banking System Is “Sound and Resilient”
​​39:54 First Republic on the brink as shares in US bank plunge again
​​US regulator asks banks including JPMorgan and PNC to bid for First Republic
​​Review of the Federal Reserve's Supervision and Regulation of Silicon Valley Bank, April 2023
​​Federal Reserve review pins blame for SVB failure on Donald Trump-era rule changes
​​Ukraine Updates
​​46:18 BBC: Ukraine war: Ex-BBC journalist Bondarenko killed on front line
​​Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine—01 May 2023
​​Free Russia YouTube Channel
​​Weeb Union: Wagner Cuts Ukrainian Defenders In Two-Update 1 May 2023
​​Brain Gerrish:
300,000-plus Ukrainians killed; 50,000 Russians; and some 900,000 men injured—and still the BBC will not tell the truth about the carnage.
​​Nuclear Facilities Finger-Pointing
​​55:10 RUSI: Dangerous Targets: Civilian Nuclear Infrastructure and the War in Ukraine
​​Join us today
​​Interview with Professor Norman Fenton: Tuesday 2 May 2023 at 1 pm
​​Interview with David Rohl, Author, Archaeologist, Chronologist: Thursday 4 May at 1 pm
​​Podcastathon: Well done Public Child Protection Wales & Lou Collins
​​One Week Until The Withheld Coronation Oath
​​1:01:12 The authorised liturgy for the coronation rite of His Majesty King Charles III
​​The Coronation Oath Statement made by Oliver Dowden on 19 April 2023
​​The Coronation Oath—Cabinet Office written statement
​​The Times: Echoes of Stalingrad as casualties stream from battle for Bakhmut
​​Catherine Philp:
​​Kyiv is said not to share the true figures even with its allies, meaning the Pentagon may have little idea of the true toll.
​​Open Democracy: (2019) Boris, the Russian oligarch and the Page 3 model
​​Global Citizenship Education
​​1:15:30 UNESCO: Global citizenship education
​​Global Citizenship Foundation: What is Global Citizenship Education (GCED)?
​​IDEAS: The network for championing Global Citizenship Education in Scotland
​​IDEAScotland Twitter
​​The Scottish Government: Enhancing our global citizenship—International development
​​Partition Education Group Scotland
​​Signposts for Global Citizenship
UK Column News - 29th March 2023, with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans [1.25.01]
UK Artificial Intelligence Enabling Regulation: Clear the Decks for the Unfeeling Mind with No Will
00:29 Government launches AI white paper to guide the use of artificial intelligence in the UK
UK Government policy paper: A pro-innovation approach to AI regulation
Related UK Column interview: Where there’s no will, there’s no way: Why artificial intelligence will never rule the world—Transcribed / Soundcloud podcast
Society 5.0: "New wisdom"
07:38 Stephanie calls Jeremy Vine and puts him on the spot
UN: Sustainable Development Goals—17 Goals to Transform our World
TED Talk: 5th industrial revolution—Humanity, Purpose, and Inclusivity
TED Talk: Pratik Gauri—The Sustainability Centric Fifth Industrial Revolution
Pratik Gauri’s website
Pratik Gauri, WEF Agenda Contributor
Digital Transformation: Prof. Yuko Harayama on "Key values of Society 5.0"
WEF: Modern society has reached its limits. Society 5.0 will liberate us
Japan Cabinet Office: What is Society 5.0?
Society 5.0: concept video bigging up the role of AI
Japan House London: Society 5.0—A new model for an ageing society?
Society 5.0 President Dr. Yıldız Tuğba Kara received “Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All” Award at the Women [sic] Economic Forum, Bangalore 2020 Global Summit (announcement mis-spells "Bangalore")
Women [sic] Economic Forum
Tenth Day of Mass French Protests; Dutch Farmers' Situation Unresolved
28:15 French protesters march in Paris on the tenth day of nationwide strikes
El País: Laurent Berger is the general secretary of the French Democratic Confederation of Labor (CFDT), the largest French trade union
Peter Sweden on Substack: Young Dutch Farmer—The State Wants To Seize his Farm
Michael Yon’s Newsletter—Netherlands: Eva [Vlaardingerbroek] Takes Lead Tractor Despite Warnings
UK Column article by Rafael Benjamin: Ultimately, the Netherlands has no actual constitution—Part 1
UK Column article by Philip Ridley on Tobias Ellwood's serving of two masters: 77th Brigade and the Parliamentary Conflict of Interest
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39:04 UK Column Community
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Redland Green School, Bristol: Local MP takes questions on impartiality of the BBC questions from 15-year-olds
Professor Susan Michie:
The UK government’s attempt to frighten people into covid protective behaviours was at odds with its scientific advice
Residents versus Colchester City Council, 21 March 2023—footage of these next-level campaigning citizens against electric vehicle-pushing was shown to UK Column subscribers in Extra Time
Debi Evans Blog: 28 March 2023
Ukraine: “Send in Another Hollywood Role Model!”
42:50 Twitter replies to the Ministry of Defence’s boasts
Daily Mail: Orlando Bloom tells President Zelensky 'the strength of the Ukrainians is awe-inspiring'
Brian Gerrish casualties in Ukraine: latest assessment
Telegraph: Ukraine may not be able to reclaim Crimea by force, US says
Independent: Watch as Blinken holds news conference after meeting Russian foreign minister
Tony Blair: Putin can't use Iraq invasion as justification for Ukraine
New York Times—Stolen Valor: The U.S. Volunteers in Ukraine Who Lie, Waste and Bicker
NZ Herald: Kiwi fighter Kane Te Tai reportedly killed in Ukraine
UK Column article by Kristoffer Hell—Nuclear expert [Chris Busby]: Depleted uranium may already be in use in Ukraine
US Attacked in Syria—But There Are "No US Forces in Syria", Apparently
57:43 Attack on a US base in north east Syria on 23 March: UK Government statement
John Kirby on national security concerns about TikTok, response to attacks on U.S. bases in Syria
A good journalist asks the right questions to UN spokesman Faran Haq:
Do you think the US military presence in Syria is illegal or not?
Clueless response—“There’s no US armed forces inside of Syria”
Global Defence Union: Britannia the Defence Fairy
1:01:26 UK and EU to formally adopt the Windsor Framework
Schuman Security and Defence Forum website
UK Ministry of Defence: 9 partner nations have come together to train Ukrainian recruits on the UK-led training programme
What Happened To Covid?
1:06:08 UK Column article by Simon Elmer: Whatever Happened to the ‘Pandemic’?
We had lockdown deaths, not Covd-19 deaths.
UK Column comment by Iain Davis: The Lockdown Files Psyop
NHS Staffing Collapse
1:11:01 Debi notes that the Covid–19 jab rollout is still injecting people
Prof. Susan Michie blocks Debi on Twitter
The Sun: Urgent warning as high street chemists on red alert over low supplies of Calpol and other everyday medicines
NHS treats hundreds with gaming disorders
NHS patients with rare genetic disorders to be fast-tracked to earlier diagnosis and specialist care
Debi thanks JesusElemental on Twitter
Guardian—‘I’ve given all I can’: NHS staff on why they might quit
Mail: NHS staff shortages in England could exceed 570,000 by 2036, leaked document warns
Guardian: Plan to recruit Nepal nurses for NHS puts them ‘at risk of exploitation’
Telegraph: NHS trust struggling with staffing advertises better-paid roles in Saudi Arabia
Public spending during the Covid-19 pandemic: Research Briefing, published Tuesday, 29 March 2022
The Times—Servants, yachts and Rolex selfies: the lives of NHS agency chiefs
And Finally: Methinks The Lady Doth Protest Too Much—Debi Finally Gets a Non-Denial From Cornwall Council
1:19:06 Cornwall Council CEO Ms Kate Kennally rumoured to be due to resign to join a Westminster think tank
Council's panicked response to Debi's query becomes the story
Oppression Olympics: Kate Kennally talks about her sexuality for International Women's Day
UK Column News - 15th March 2023, with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Debi Evans [1.23.23]
Bombshell from Germany's Minister of Health
00:34 Viral Immunologist: German Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach admits Governnent aware that vast number suffered ‘severe’ Covid vaccine injury—1 in 10,000 doses (not people)
Relevant UK Column interview in French: Christophe Foltzenlogel : À propos du droit à l'objection de conscience
Relevant UK Column interview: Sir Christopher Chope MP on vaccine adverse reactions and the need for compensation
Dr. Byram W. Bridle—COVID Chronicles on Substack
NHS: Day 3 of Junior Doctors’ Pay Strike
16:27 Sky: Junior doctors' strike: Anger at 'national scandal' of unnecessary NHS deaths as thousands start three-day walkout
Leeds University Business School: Two months in the life of a junior doctor
Telegraph: NHS could be 'safer than normal' as consultants cover striking junior doctors
Mirror: More than 17,000 NHS consultants would vote to strike in ballot next month
Unison trade union: Nearly a quarter (24%) of ambulance operations staff say they will leave as soon as they can find another job
Health Watch Middlesbrough: The Government has confirmed that NHS prescription charges will go up next month. Last April, the charges were frozen at 2021 levels
Safety Withdrawal of Cough Medicine—Global Excess Deaths
21:34 Safety withdrawal of pholcodine-containingcough and cold medicines
Gov.UK—Class 2 Medicines Recall: Various Marketing Authorisation Holders, pholcodine-containing products, EL (23)A/09
Daily Record: Warning issued as cough medicine urgently recalled over safety concerns
Guardian: Pholcodine has been used as a cough suppressant since the 1950’s
Guardian: NHS crisis causing continued higher-than-normal levels of death
James Roguski: Excess Deaths piece on Substack
Our World In Data—Excess mortality: Deaths from all causes compared to average over previous years
CMI mortality monitor—Week 9 of 2023
Biden Assures Americans Their Money Is Safe
29:54 CNN: Joe Biden addressed his nation to reassure Americans that the banking system is safe after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank
Federal Deposit Insurance Act—Laws & Regulations
Daily Mail: Former Lehman Brothers CFO was hired by Silicon Valley Bank and recently-appointed risk manager worked at Deutsche Bank when it lied to investors and had to pay $7.2 billion
Financial Times: Banks are designed to fail — and they do
Times: Credit Suisse admits ‘material weaknesses’ in financial reporting
BoE: Monetary Policy Report Press Conference, February 2023 video
Bank of England: Monetary Policy Report—February 2023
Higher energy and goods prices have pushed inflation above 10%
Russian Advances in Eastern Ukraine
49:55 Tweet: Subdivisions of the Wagner Group private military company are located in the immediate vicinity of the administration building of Bakhmut
The Intel Drop: 2nd Kinzhal Attack Hits NATO’s Western Command Center 80 Meters Underground
Tweet: Near Chasovy Yar, a column of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was hit
Tweet: Donetsk Oblast, a Ukrainian T-64BV mod 2017 recovers a stuck M777
Photos: Destruction in Ukraine
Russian advances
Sky News: Mariupol, with a population of 400,000, fell into Russian hands
Kiev Independent: Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut: ‘Our troops are not being protected’
Guardian: Bakhmut may fall in the 'coming days', says Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg
CNN: Russian fighter jet forces down US drone over Black Sea
BBC: Russian reservists fighting with shovels
HITC: The downing of an MQ-9 Reaper drone is likely to cost the US military several million dollars
BBC: US drone crashes after encounter with Russian jet
Latvian tweet: Kyiv Independent reporting UK Defence Intelligence misinfomation claiming Russian ammunition shortages.
New Statesman: Boris Johnson claimed the days of big tank battles in Europe were over to a rebelling Tobias Ellwood
Gov.UK: The Integrated Review 2021
Integrated Review Refresh 2023: PDF
£20 million of additional funding to the BBC World Service over the next two years to protect all 42 World Service language services it provides, support English language broadcasting and counter disinformation.
Gov.UK: Integrated Review Refresh 2023: Responding to a more contested and volatile world
PM announces major defence investment in launch of Integrated Review Refresh £5bn for UK defence to pay for nuclear and munitions piles
Pentagon: Department of Defense Releases the President's Fiscal Year 2024 Defense Budget
BBC—AUKUS deal: US, UK and Australia agree on nuclear submarine project
Gov.UK: British-led design chosen for AUKUS submarine project
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UK Column article—Canary in the Coal Mine: Yellow Cards dumped in the docks?
UK Column interview: You are not alone—Peter Todd, Consultant Solicitor, ‘Maverick’ Vaccine Injury Expert
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