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UK Column News - 15th March 2023, with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Debi Evans [1.23.23]
Bombshell from Germany's Minister of Health
00:34 Viral Immunologist: German Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach admits Governnent aware that vast number suffered ‘severe’ Covid vaccine injury—1 in 10,000 doses (not people)
Relevant UK Column interview in French: Christophe Foltzenlogel : À propos du droit à l'objection de conscience
Relevant UK Column interview: Sir Christopher Chope MP on vaccine adverse reactions and the need for compensation
Dr. Byram W. Bridle—COVID Chronicles on Substack
NHS: Day 3 of Junior Doctors’ Pay Strike
16:27 Sky: Junior doctors' strike: Anger at 'national scandal' of unnecessary NHS deaths as thousands start three-day walkout
Leeds University Business School: Two months in the life of a junior doctor
Telegraph: NHS could be 'safer than normal' as consultants cover striking junior doctors
Mirror: More than 17,000 NHS consultants would vote to strike in ballot next month
Unison trade union: Nearly a quarter (24%) of ambulance operations staff say they will leave as soon as they can find another job
Health Watch Middlesbrough: The Government has confirmed that NHS prescription charges will go up next month. Last April, the charges were frozen at 2021 levels
Safety Withdrawal of Cough Medicine—Global Excess Deaths
21:34 Safety withdrawal of pholcodine-containingcough and cold medicines
Gov.UK—Class 2 Medicines Recall: Various Marketing Authorisation Holders, pholcodine-containing products, EL (23)A/09
Daily Record: Warning issued as cough medicine urgently recalled over safety concerns
Guardian: Pholcodine has been used as a cough suppressant since the 1950’s
Guardian: NHS crisis causing continued higher-than-normal levels of death
James Roguski: Excess Deaths piece on Substack
Our World In Data—Excess mortality: Deaths from all causes compared to average over previous years
CMI mortality monitor—Week 9 of 2023
Biden Assures Americans Their Money Is Safe
29:54 CNN: Joe Biden addressed his nation to reassure Americans that the banking system is safe after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank
Federal Deposit Insurance Act—Laws & Regulations
Daily Mail: Former Lehman Brothers CFO was hired by Silicon Valley Bank and recently-appointed risk manager worked at Deutsche Bank when it lied to investors and had to pay $7.2 billion
Financial Times: Banks are designed to fail — and they do
Times: Credit Suisse admits ‘material weaknesses’ in financial reporting
BoE: Monetary Policy Report Press Conference, February 2023 video
Bank of England: Monetary Policy Report—February 2023
Higher energy and goods prices have pushed inflation above 10%
Russian Advances in Eastern Ukraine
49:55 Tweet: Subdivisions of the Wagner Group private military company are located in the immediate vicinity of the administration building of Bakhmut
The Intel Drop: 2nd Kinzhal Attack Hits NATO’s Western Command Center 80 Meters Underground
Tweet: Near Chasovy Yar, a column of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was hit
Tweet: Donetsk Oblast, a Ukrainian T-64BV mod 2017 recovers a stuck M777
Photos: Destruction in Ukraine
Russian advances
Sky News: Mariupol, with a population of 400,000, fell into Russian hands
Kiev Independent: Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut: ‘Our troops are not being protected’
Guardian: Bakhmut may fall in the 'coming days', says Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg
CNN: Russian fighter jet forces down US drone over Black Sea
BBC: Russian reservists fighting with shovels
HITC: The downing of an MQ-9 Reaper drone is likely to cost the US military several million dollars
BBC: US drone crashes after encounter with Russian jet
Latvian tweet: Kyiv Independent reporting UK Defence Intelligence misinfomation claiming Russian ammunition shortages.
New Statesman: Boris Johnson claimed the days of big tank battles in Europe were over to a rebelling Tobias Ellwood
Gov.UK: The Integrated Review 2021
Integrated Review Refresh 2023: PDF
£20 million of additional funding to the BBC World Service over the next two years to protect all 42 World Service language services it provides, support English language broadcasting and counter disinformation.
Gov.UK: Integrated Review Refresh 2023: Responding to a more contested and volatile world
PM announces major defence investment in launch of Integrated Review Refresh £5bn for UK defence to pay for nuclear and munitions piles
Pentagon: Department of Defense Releases the President's Fiscal Year 2024 Defense Budget
BBC—AUKUS deal: US, UK and Australia agree on nuclear submarine project
Gov.UK: British-led design chosen for AUKUS submarine project
Updates and Important Reminders
1:17:05 Alternative View 13 Live Stream in April
AV13 Ticket Booking Page
Fundraiser by UK CV Family
Stories we’re watching: At the bottom of the homepage UKCOLUMN.ORG
Debi Evans Blog: 14 March 2023
UK Column article—Canary in the Coal Mine: Yellow Cards dumped in the docks?
UK Column interview: You are not alone—Peter Todd, Consultant Solicitor, ‘Maverick’ Vaccine Injury Expert
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