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Access to White society is not a human right.
 because you will end up with monstrosities like this polluting the gene pool.
NUMBERS are pure and beautiful.
Nigga Stole My Bike (
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Hue Africanized honey bees are different and why that matters. African humans are not so differentl…
Niggers Seethe.
we are truly at the end ...
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Trans sculped into a nightmarish 'Uncanny valley'
Return to White Bushido.
Hoteps: BTFOd (
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It’s because the loss of the future represents an affront to all that is sacred. Our faith, our community, our bloodline, even the memories of the past, continue only if we continue.
That is why the dulling, destruction, and weaponization of the White mind toward self destruction generates such visceral reaction. It’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Children of the Corn in the form of hormone blockers and dinner table diatribes about intersectionality.
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Nation Vanguard Presentation of info.
posted 1 month ago by Uncle_Adolf (+6 / -0 ) Edited 2022-12-07 06:59:47
It served its purpose on Reddit and elsewhere. Red-pilling, black-pilling the folk. It is a new age of community building.
Farewell Glowmonkey / Glowninja. May your find more green-pilling productive things. Improove and find your happy place.
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posted 2 months ago by Uncle_Adolf (+5 / -0 ) Edited 2022-11-18 16:59:30
M G T O W is Judaic Feminism 👆🏻 This is a male feminist ☝🏽
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