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What kind of faggotry am I looking at? What happens in 2 weeks?
Article by Templar and Hydra
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Only well enough to redeem their benefits and grunt for more gibs.
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If you thought and AI would be a replacement for critical thought, you have been duped. It's not your tool. Maybe if you created your own version you would have better results.
Create. Don't delegate.
Christian Nationalism can only be ethnonationalist. Otherwise, it's just a gay op similar to Civic-Nationalism.
The institution of the Church is just as important as the religion. Community as well as worship. Organizational power is what the jew fears. The political sway of the Church must be restored.
Q and A
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Uncle_Jared is a true gentleman.
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Insomnia Stream: Golem Edition (www.bitchute.com)
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Why Urbanites strive to be the Alpha Slave.
Lemming mentality:
Gordon sits down for an exclusive interview with Billy Roper, the founder of the Shieldwall Network and Ozarkia, an intentional community of White Nationalists located in Arkansas. They discuss Billy's history as an activist in the movement, the situation in America as he sees it, and his current projects.
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I likev He way you think. Placerville sounds like my thyme of people. Liberals Marxist’s what have you have been pushing us out for a long while now. Why not smother out their culture. Brutally and efficiently.
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That looks to be a lot of work. Satisfying for them. IDK if I want to go OFF-Grid but it suits others. My big project this winter/spring is a much bigger vegetable garden and fruit tree orchard. There will be more hiking and general weight training to have the stamina to do such work.
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Hue Africanized honey bees are different and why that matters. African humans are not so differentl…
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