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:pepe/gentleman: Indeed.
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Cooooming is failing No Nut Novemeber. Did you even try this year?
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Did you fail NNN Already?
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These simple techniques are interesting starter points for homestead buildings and barns. There are much better modern techniques for sure. A marriage of old and modern techniques would work best.
What is earned from good deeds
what is received... thru Means
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Wilderness Living and Survival Expert Mors talks about the Survival Kit components.
To be or not to be ... (files.catbox.moe)
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SS: The Devil's Song (files.catbox.moe)
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In a **DAY of the ROPE** Scenario quick and clean liquidation of enemy personnel and assets would be the best way to go.
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Nice potatoes neighbor.
What varieties did you grow?
Muh' Fashy Bookshelf Recommends.
What books would you recommend on the jewish question?
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James had and has many great ideas. It's safe to say I'm following along with the American Futurist org. They are out there continuing the work Mason and many other National Socialists started. We will need many strong people and orgs out there. The splinter group, while I don't disown them, they have their own path to follow.
As always, remember the tenants of Siege. take wisdom from them and adapt them to your needs.
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Bummer. I read this earlier. If an organization’s values no longer line up it is best to part ways. It seems the satanist aspect of James Mason’s personality was bound to destabilize things.
Article about **higher education** "you cannot influence this system from within" Writer RUSTY SHACKLEFORD discusses the "Parallel Society" Option for the Dissident Right.
Revolt Against the Modern World (files.catbox.moe)
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I can access the site from my phone but not computer.
Also. I was banned from the Donald for my excessive jew naming and racism outside their page. "Donald Trump will not want to be associated with the Donald forum with antisemites around".
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I'm searching through the scored Consume Product page under Holocaust. The images that were uploaded while assessing the community through communities . win are still intact. Images that were uploaded through the ConsumeProduct website portal are lost. The actual website and servers were lost. The Scored communities info is still intact.
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40 pages is doable for a beginner. I'm going through the 'International Jew' by Henry ford in Audiobook form. Each chapter is very insightful on who the Jews are and why they do what they do.
[International Jews ch. 1](https://odysee.com/@samulelawless:d/The-International-Jew,-by-Henry-Ford-(Ch.1):7)
I'm 8 chapters in.[It lines up]
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Let me know if you would like more research like this.
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I can give you a few charts to start off with:
I'm sure someone can give you a good book or documentary detailing the Holohoax.
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Henry Ford observation is that only jews like diversity. It makes it easier to blend in and exploit a nonhomogeneous community.
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[Was the French Charlemagne-SS Division the most gallant army of World War II](https://europerenaissance.com/2021/03/04/was-the-french-charlemagne-ss-division-the-most-gallant-army-of-world-war-ii/) This is Europa
###Same old games.
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[YouTube version of Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UzC_1AFHSY)
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PATRIOTIC ALTERNATIVE Article: Posted by Dr. D. E. Michael
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