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The targets are plentiful, obvious and static.
We are many, mobile and discreet.
It will happen, and continue to happen, on our terms.
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a look at a homeland security release from several years ago.
Whilst obscurely titled this document has proven pivotal in modern counter terrorism circles, their side for the grift and our side for the lols.
"Oh, someone's making bomb threats against nigger colleges? That's a gayop at worst, cringe at best. PRO TIP: If you want to bomb a target, and you want to be successful, don't tip them off ahead of time."
- The Hard Reset, p.71
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An automatic center punch is another great tool for vehicle shenanigans. When pressed against the glass, the glass quickly breaks. It requires minimal effort, isn't loud like a hammer or other blunt object, and is fairly cheap to purchase. A center punch is also concealable, being around the size of a small screwdriver.
Have fun, and Hail Holy Terror!
Spark plugs are a great tool for breaking into vehicles (or breaking glass in general). The porcelain at the end, when thrown at car windows, shatters them. Spark plugs are fairly cheap, you can find them from around 3-5 dollars online.
Here's a video demonstrating it. (
Hail Holy Terror!
I wonder how the guys are Progressing.
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