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Stop scrolling for a sec and vibe with him... really appreciate his scorecard... that's the kind of scorecard that drives future Lone Wolves to Action. A true inspiration. FUCKING HAIL BROTHER!
posted 1 year ago by Shep1488 (+3 / -0 )
If you were to kill sixty armed invaders having shown the will and the intent to bring harm to your nation and people, you would be hailed a hero...
But kill sixty unarmed invaders having shown the will and the intent to bring harm to your nation and people, and you will be considered a monster...
But here’s the real kicker, the unarmed invader is far more dangerous to our people than the armed invader. We can fight the armed invader, we know how, we have the ability, we have the soldiers and arms to do so. But the unarmed invader, we have no real idea on how to deal with them, we are unable to attack them or fend them off in any meaningful way.
Both would seek to destroy our nation, both would seek to displace and replace our people, both would seek to destroy our culture and nationhood. But only one has the ability and only one has shown to be effective at doing so.
posted 1 year ago by EJGeneric (+7 / -0 )
3/4 Saint Peter Mangs birthday 1972
3/4 Saints Wolfgang Abel + Marco Furlan captured 1984
3/6 Saint Joseph Paul Franklin - shot Larry Flynt 1978
3/10 Saint James Earl Ray birthday 1928
3/10 Saint Michael Frederick Griffin Day 1993
3/12 Saint Pavlo Lapshyn birthday 1988
3/15 Saint Brenton Tarrant Day 2019
3/20 Saint James Harris Jackson Day 2017
3/22 Saint Benjamin Nathaniel Smith birthday 1978
3/23 Saint Aaron Nathaniel Luther birthday 1970
3/25 Saint Wolfgang Abel birthday 1959
3/27 Saint William Shutt Day 2019
3/30 Saint James Charles Kopp captured 2001
In light of recent events, it is timely to raise the issue of conspiracy once more.
A White couple, lovers, freedom fighters, were recently arrested on conspiracy charges for planning to attack a number of power substations.
They conspired because time was against them.
They conspired because they love one another.
They conspired because they wanted to leave their mark before it was too late.
Their plan wasn't what got them arrested, and we have seen repeated substation attacks across America which have left the System helpless with no trace of the attackers.
Conspiracy was their undoing, enlisting the help of someone they thought trusted, someone met in prison. Loose lips sank another ship.
We tell you once more, never engage in conspiracy. Never.
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The targets are plentiful, obvious and static.
We are many, mobile and discreet.
It will happen, and continue to happen, on our terms.
The majority of police cars in America are outfitted with heavy duty tires, so "spikes" may need to be bigger and longer to penetrate them.
PRO TIP: A homemade spike strip with strong enough nails will not only prank the cops, but other drivers, too! Just be sure not to accidentally troll your own tires.
Always remember when doing anything "work related" to work clean and fast. Remember the "three minute rule" used by robbers: get in, do what you need to do, and get out in three minutes or less. The faster you complete your task, the less likely you are to get caught.
PRO TIP: Leave your phone at home, along with any other electronics that connect to GPS, cellular networks or WiFi networks.
posted 1 year ago by EJGeneric (+3 / -0 )
a look at a homeland security release from several years ago.
Whilst obscurely titled this document has proven pivotal in modern counter terrorism circles, their side for the grift and our side for the lols.
posted 1 year ago by Shep1488 (+8 / -0 )
An automatic center punch is another great tool for vehicle shenanigans. When pressed against the glass, the glass quickly breaks. It requires minimal effort, isn't loud like a hammer or other blunt object, and is fairly cheap to purchase. A center punch is also concealable, being around the size of a small screwdriver.
Have fun, and Hail Holy Terror!
Spark plugs are a great tool for breaking into vehicles (or breaking glass in general). The porcelain at the end, when thrown at car windows, shatters them. Spark plugs are fairly cheap, you can find them from around 3-5 dollars online.
Here's a video demonstrating it. (
Hail Holy Terror!
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