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That was cool, he displayed and responded with a gracefulness that is something we should all aspire to.
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Still think he stumbled on the MIT pedo ring Jeffrey Epstein was involved with
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1) come up with a good word for “Americans of European descent”
2) name an app after that word. The app will aggregate parsoc businesses and services, help fellow people of white European ancestry
3) have it be informal in the beginning, get people to sign up for an email list
4) once you have enough people signed up and enough social media influence, make it into something more like Better Business Bureau
5) have people pool together money, offer some sort of membership incentive but also the funds go towards the cause, eventually expand maybe into publishing and media, harden your tech a la gab and probably work on an alternative banking system as well
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Very helpful, thank you
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Yeah I figure there have to be natural remedies that farmers know. I was thinking like anything I'd pick up more info on it as I get closer to being able to homestead.
I have found with myself and pets that probiotics are kind of the inverse of vaccines, where you lift your immune system up and your body starts to defeat stuff on its own. I've used probiotics and dewormers/anti-parasitics to combat little fungal skin infections my pets have gotten in the past and it's worked like a charm. Making sure their diets aren't goyslop and are in line with their nature has really paid dividends for my pets as well.
I'd be more inclined to have that sort of mindset and playbook when it comes to farm animals, like positive, pro health, in line with nature attitude, but ultimately I'd still be relying on farmer's wisdom and might concede to certain things if they really thought I should do something a certain time-tested way. I find a lot of modern medicine to be too tunnel-visioned, like you target a specific thing and you pretend that this chemical you're using doesn't do aaanything else to you but kill the one thing the doctor/vet says it does. My thing is, nature made all these things with their own defense systems built in and it's up to you to figure out how to unlock the mechanisms where you're immune system can be robust enough to fight off disease in a positive manner (probiotics, diet, parasite cleanses) rather than what I consider a negative manner (targeted and typically caustic drugs basically).
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I edited my comment with some other names and books I remembered, in case you're interested.
I also found this kind of weird Wikipedia-like site when I was looking these guys up when I first learned about this stuff. It led me to a lot of other people and books to bookmark:
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That hyperborean_studios user on ConPro got me looking into it. I was wondering what sort of connection Serrano had to the actual SS because I wasn't sure why or how he was so confident in all the stuff he writes about. But I guess one of the connections was Degrelle. He also knew Julius Evola.
I bought a little book of his on Hitler and the UFO, it's pretty insane. He basically claims they did succeed in making UFOs and Hitler escaped to Antarctica.
Hyperborean_studios also recommended The Forbidden Religion, which effectively claims a sort of platonic/gnostic world view with a Demiurge, Yahweh is not a good guy, the bible is inversion. The implication was that the Aryan lodges actually followed this esoteric worldview. The author there is Jose Maria Herrou Aragon.
There's one more guy he recommended, Nimrod de Rosario, who wrote about Hyperborea (a lot of these guys did as well). Everyone recommend this book of his "El Misterio de Belicena Villca" but I don't think there's an English translation. And it's $$$.
But basically it was all the South American Aryans and they said they got their teachings from secret SS schools they ran in South America. Serrano wrote a book called "Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar". They basically believed he was an avatar of the Aryan spirit and that's where a lot of the esoteric Hitlerism comes from.
It's pretty wild stuff, it's so out there that it's hard to really qualify it, some of it comes across like science fiction. But I've been on a slow path to looking into it and it's been fun and intriguing.
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Degrelle seemed to be the connection to Miguel Serrano, if I remember correctly. I was reading some of Serrano's writings on Hitler's UFOs, it was pretty interesting.
This has some cool archival footage of Antarctica
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The only time my pet got sick was when I vaccinated him. Have never done it again. I've had better success supplementing with animal probiotics (they're a thing) and the occasional parasite cleanse.
I'm not sure what I'd do for farm animals. I'd definitely be leaning towards nothing, but would have to ask farmers or homesteaders for whichever animal if there are things you just have to get.
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Well you and RightSide have really given me a lot of good content to help me figure out my next moves - from where there are pro-white religions, to political orgs and pro-white movements, I really can't thank you two enough for your help and all the content you both share.
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I know, it makes me yearn for homesteading life. I'm so tired of this unnatural world.
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I'd like to see more proof or just something more long-form, interested as well just would like more info.
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Ozarks have some natural catastrophe protection too. It's one of the places safe from the US navy flood map zone. I was watching an interview with a guy who believes the solar minimum freeze is coming and lives there and he pointed out that tons of ex Navy guys move there because they also know what's up
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Welcome bud!
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Damn that ended abruptly. Good video though, his arguments seem like they'd be good for someone who is past the basics of being red pilled but not quite there yet on race.
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I agree, I've found myself coming back here for videos you and RightSide are posting and getting way more substantial information than I get on the other ConPro. Love both of them but it's like this is the VIP lounge.
Homesteading: 5 Essential Knots (
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There's better, meatier content here, less memes. Nothing wrong with memes but it's nice to come here and be able to get cool documentaries, lectures, and more thoughtful content.
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