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someone elsewhere pointed out that MindGeek owns a lot of illicit media companies
> Match Group, Inc. owns and operates the largest global portfolio of popular online dating services including Tinder,, Meetic, OkCupid, Hinge, PlentyOfFish, UPWARD, Ship, and OurTime, totalling over 45 global dating companies
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Looked like an interesting design concept for portability
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Anyone have any recommendations where to buy some?
I see gymbros online suggesting it
example link about topic -
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I understand you have a different religious view although I am curious what is so offensive about this one, it's a house blessing tradition
do you object to observing the 12 days of Christmas? Or rather the Epiphany? Epiphany traditions are pretty old:
> The earliest reference to Epiphany as a Christian feast was in A.D. 361, by Ammianus Marcellinus
The protestant / fundamentalist / evangelical / etc. rejection of certain traditions feels hard for me to follow as Catholics and orthodox and some protestants share a history and agreement of observing them to some degree
Audio forwarding:
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Criticism of him:
DIY Pen Plotter For $15? (
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Anyone made one of these or have an interest or tips on any adjustment to the suggested way to do it?
Anyone Eat Coffee Beans? (
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Apparently they're edible without people having to make coffee out of them by adding hot water:
There's estimated to be up to 4mg (?) caffeine per bean
Seems like for some people they might enjoy simply eating the beans rather than brewing up coffee if they're just trying to get a dose of caffeine
Haven't figured out or tested, posting beforehand:
above based on:
> post more?
Pine64 Announces Pinetab 2 (
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St. Lucy's Day (December 13th) (
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On the one hand, I could see wrong answers being submitted and that being a problem, but maybe they could just mention that ChatGPT contributed to the answer? On the other hand, this could slow the generation of correct answers unnecessarily.
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