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posted 1 month ago by sparrow (+1 / -0 )
> The Stringbike is a bicycle that uses a rope and pulley drive system instead of a traditional bicycle chain and sprockets.[1][2][3][4] It uses two Dyneema ropes attached to pulleys attached to swinging lever and cam mechanisms, one on each side of the bike. These mechanisms replace the round sprockets found on chain-driven bikes. Unlike some traditional 10-speed gears using a derailleur, there is no slippage when changing gear ratios.[5] The Stringbike uses a 19 gear ratio system with no duplicates and a total gear range of 3.5 to 1. The transmission ratio can be changed with a shifting knob located on the right-side handle grip. Gear ratios can be changed even when the bicycle is almost stationary.[6]
> Hungarian designers from the manufacturing company Schwinn Csepel Zrt, unveiled the bicycle in 2010 in Padova, Italy.[7]
It never caught on so possibly isn't better than a chain design, but maybe it simply lacks popularity or the idea might be made use of for some other application
Comparing to past version:
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Braille displays can be expensive, so this project idea focuses on making them cheaper and open source
Android 14 Features | Android Authority (
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Channels? Clients? Commands? Other thoughts?
Here's what I saw on a cursory glance:
list of clients:
how to get started (dated?):
basic commands:
channel list?
A lot of people use other chats like element / matrix these days too
posted 4 months ago by sparrow (+0 / -0 )
Main site:
PD Software Philosophy:
In the public domain software world I still mostly only see PDOS and various TempleOS related projects and forks
posted 4 months ago by sparrow (+1 / -0 )
From a post over a decade ago:
Does this appear to still be true today or how have things changed?
I liked the idea of Colemak, but it never became faster than QWERTY for me:
Dvorak seems interesting just older
I saw some people promote "Halmak" but it's a minority interest (may have been an attempt to tweak Colemak)
The Carpalx people have some exotic designs:
Of course going in a different direction is stenography, the open steno project:
or the Characorder:
Have you tried an alternative keyboard layout to QWERTY or an alternative to keyboard designs altogether with steno?
I've seen in programming that apparently naming things like variables or files is hard (?). So that could be a topic of discussion. I'm not sure if it's felt that hard, to me.
I have encountered a lot of problems with downloading files with irregular filenames, and then I can't find them, though. I'm guessing maybe that's on me to manually put the filename in whenever I download these things, but I guess sometimes I might just click "save" and the name of the file is not like a description of the file and it makes it difficult to find them when searching for them.
Now on the other hand, sometimes people don't want the files labeled so that people find them easily, so that's another issue too.
I've also wondered if a motion could be made to get more websites to automatically update certain filenames with titles of the page; for example, say a book on is gibberish, and you could select an option to automatically set that filename to the title of the page which would presumably be the name of the book.
Has anyone encountered either of these issues of trying to figure out how to name files, or of downloading files with lots of random names that might have a tendency to get lost without them being labeled as they are downloaded?
posted 6 months ago by sparrow (+2 / -0 )
I saw a vid pop up about how this distro could be the "end of distro hopping", by which I think they have a simple installer and can run lots of software
(Ubuntu based currently, moving to Debian eventually as a base)
via r/datahoarder
It's crazy that basically any government in the world can censor a website and we all have to be subjected to the whole world's censorship.

Saudi Arabia can demand that there are no depictions of Mohammad. China can demand all maps are drawn how they like. Censorship by one government is already a problem. Now sites are a product of the whim of any and every government.
posted 7 months ago by sparrow (+3 / -0 )
posted 7 months ago by sparrow (+2 / -0 )
Example implementing principles: ENGAGE - the battery-free gaming console
A day for raising awareness of the presence of technology in so many people's lives and which encourages people to "unplug" when they can (maybe by going outside and doing something in nature?)
This topic interests me for helping those who have visual impairment or blindness, as well as being prepared for the possibility of having such a condition when older myself, as well as the interesting experience of computing blindfolded.
Any better distros you'd recommend for blind computer usage?
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