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When confronted with blatant NASA lies and obvious globe inconsistencies, the #1 most common frequently asked question is undoubtedly: but why would anyone lie about the shape of the Earth!? For what purpose would there be a multi-generational worldwide conspiracy to cover up the truth of our home? Why would NASA spend billions of dollars building rockets just to prank the population about outer space? What on Earth would be the point of hiding the flat Earth?
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Globe Earthers are taught the reason that the North Pole Star cannot be seen from southern locations like Australia or New Zealand is because it is hidden behind the supposed curvature of their globular Earth. Similar to what is taught about boats disappearing beyond the horizon, they claim these boats and the Pole Star are disappearing behind the physical curvature of a globe, and insist if the Earth was truly a stationary plane that Australians should have no trouble viewing Polaris...
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