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The gist of the linked videos is remarkably simple. A racially 'diverse' set of young... rocket surgeons... in New York City are asked numerous basic questions by an Arab man. Hilarity ensues. I'll be commenting on the highlights for those who just want a quick laugh rather than to watch it all. These videos will be linked in order of latest to earliest.
I've also bolded my very favourite answers.
Video 1 (09/09/2022):
Another YouTube link:
1\. 0:54: 'Do you know what 15% of 100 is?'
Answer from black woman with hilarious hair: 'Fuck. [...] Probably like 75.'
2\. 1:07: 'Do you know what country we gained our independence from?'
Answer from black man: 'Spain.'
3\. 1:20: 'Do you know what country the Panama Canal is in?'
Answer from overweight White(?) woman: 'Europe.'
4\. 1:45: 'What do we call a shape with 5 sides?'
Answer from overweight black woman: 'Is it a stop sign?'
(Note: American stop signs are octagonal, not pentagonal)
5\. 2:03: 'Do you know what year the US was founded?'
Answer from black woman: **'Ima keep it at BC era [...] 1800s BC.'**
6\. 3:04: 'Do you know who fought in the Mexican-American War?'
Answer from black man: 'Philippines [...] don't remember the other one.'
(Note: He probably got Philippines from the Spanish-American War.)
7\. 3:35: 'How many moons does the Earth have?'
Answer from black man: **'Thirty? I don't know.'**
8\. 4:16: 'Can you tell me what time this is?' [Holds up an image, correct time is 1:50]
Answer from same black woman as #4: [Says the long hand is hours rather than minutes, then guesses] '10:15'
9\. 8:40: 'How many people are on Earth?'
Answer from same black woman as #5: **'200 trillion.'**
Video 2 (12/08/2022):
1\. 0:04: 'How many people are in the USA?'
Answer from trendy-looking White man: 'Three billion'.
2\. 0:10: 'Who fought in the [American] Civil War'?
Answer from tall White man: 'Us... against the Soviets.'
3\. 1:19: 'Do you know when the War of 1812 was?'
Answer from black man: **'Das World War Two [...] That's like the 1980s.'**
4\. 1:38: 'Do you know what country we gained our independence from?'
Answer from same man as #1: 'France'.
5\. 2:27: 'What's 3x3x3?'
Answer from what honestly looks like a black crossdressing male, or possibly M2F tranny: '18.'
6\. 3:24: 'How many cents are in a dollar?'
Answer from black man: 'Six.'
(Note: To be fair, he completely misses the point and tries counting each type of coin, e.g. 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢ (note that he says 20 instead of 25), 50¢, $1, which would make him almost correct *if* that was the question asked.)
7\. 3:33: 'Do you know what country we gained our independence from?'
Answer from White woman: 'Mexico. [...] Russia. [...] Canada.'
8\. 3:48: 'Do you know what two countries border the US?'
Answer from black woman: **'Oh, shit, I don't even know what a country is.'**
9\. 4:24: 'Do you know how many minutes are in one hour?
(Black queer man prances around babbling comically and almost unintelligibly).
10\. 5:11: 'Who fought in the Civil War?'
Answer from same man as #6: '[Asks which civil war: 'first', 'second', 'third'] US against Iraq.'
11\. 6:29: 'How many days make up one year?'
Answer from same man as #3: '100 years.'
Video 3 (28/07/2022):
Another YouTube link:
1\. 2:33: 'Who fought in the Civil War?'
Answer from what is probably a Hispanic woman (judging by the comments, probably basing it off of her accent): **'The Nazis versus Germany. [...] I'm kinda smart.'**
(She then goes on to be able to successfully name all of the Kardashian sisters...)
2\. 6:09: 'What language do the people in Idaho speak?'
Answer from black woman: 'Japan.'
3\. 7:37: 'What year was the US founded?'
Answer from same woman as #1: '1995.'
Video 4 (24/06/2022):
1\. 0:27: 'Who fought in the Civil War?'
Answer from Asian man: 'George Washington [...] against... Spain.'
2\. 2:46: 'Can you name three countries in Africa?'
Answer from a black man: 'No.'
Video 5 (03/06/2022):
1\. 2:27: 'Do you know what the four directions on a compass are?'
Answer from what seems like another black tranny: 'A compass? What is that?'
Video 6 (20/05/2022):
The highlight of this one is the Indian accented man who, despite hilariously being dressed for a *graduation* ceremony, doesn't know how many continents there are, guesses that the US is composed of 29 states, has no idea how many years are in one decade, doesn't know when the US was founded, and calculates 3x3x3 as 9.
Video 7 (20/08/2021):
Another YouTube link:
1\. 1:52: 'Who did we gain our independence from?'
Answer from black man: 'Korea.'
2\. 2:12: 'Who was the 69th President of the United States?'
Answer from Asian man: 'Richard Nixon.'
(Note: America is up to its 46th President.)
'Do you know who the first President of the United States was?'
Answer from black man: **'George Floyd.'**
With the videos out of the way, I'd like to offer a point for discussion. Why is that that so many people reflexively *laugh* when faced with a question to which they do not know the answer?
An hour long compilation composed of 2021 clips originally uploaded on TikTok—not all of which are in the linked YouTube videos—can also be found at:
Take a look at this site for more info:
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