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Thanks for pointing that out.
In the video, he explicitly says 'twenty', which led me to make the error that there was a 20¢ rather than a 25¢ US coin.
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I started posting there since late 2018 or late 2019, a few months before Reddit banned them.
Yep, it's one of the more serious communities out there.
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Climate action that actually makes sense.
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1 child
Imagine the world without the 'White Man's science?'
What would even be left to teach in universities at that point? That groids had flying pyramids until Whitey destroyed them all?
Groids would still be dying of smallpox, polio, etc.
These morons will probably get their wish at some point, too. Science is clearly becoming 'woke', just as they want it to.
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If they're 'transwomen', they get a third.
If they're then 'lesbian transwomen', they get a fourth.
'Revert' to Islam, get a fifth.
Claim you've got PTSD or something because of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia and transphobia, get a sixth.
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Man, *that* celebration was LIT AF.
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Taking this conversation further with a Saidit user:
Imagine a world in which [these posts aren't] regarded merely as some gibberish, but as [objective truths].
Perhaps those who defend [the Pope], in [this scenario in which he is accused of blessing the use of the 'n-word'], will *themselves* be the ones accused of being 'the real bots'.
That's probably how it'll end up between the future humans on the internet.
Online conversations between human users, many aware of the ubiquity of bots but unable to differentiate them from other human users, may well end up resembling something like:
'You're the real bots!'
'No, you're the real bots!'
'No, I'm not a bot. You're the real bots!'
I think we can actually already see this beginning to happen with the 'Russian/Putin shill' thing. Plenty of conversations *already* play out like the above, but with terms like 'Russian shill' in place of 'bot'. In both there is a common theme that is not shared with other common things such as the "You're the real racist!" spiel; namely, that the person on the other end is in some way fake.
One thing that reminds me of all this is the long-running 'Postmodern Generator'. At first glance, what it produces might seem to be coherent, but it is actually—and quite obviously upon closer inspection—complete nonsense. The purpose of it was to ridicule academicese, but it is easy to see how people just starting out in continental philosophy might mistake some of this nonsense as academically rigorous work:
I can imagine an undergraduate student reading the following, and believing that it is indeed as believable as anything he has read from a book or journal:
> “Sexuality is part of the collapse of culture,” says Lacan; however, according to Werther, it is not so much sexuality that is part of the collapse of culture, but rather the absurdity of sexuality. In a sense, von Ludwig holds that we have to choose between Derridaist reading and textual dematerialism. If the precultural paradigm of reality holds, the works of Tarantino are postmodern.
It is, of course, random gibberish. But with a bit of alteration, it would not look out of place in the works of some postmodernist author.
A Literal Bot Subreddit (
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