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posted 1 year ago by LGBTQIAIDS (+3 / -0 ) Edited 2022-09-01 11:02:13
Welcome, readers, to this review of 'My Interracial Gay Dads Gave Me Monkeypox', a family-friendly, highly educational historical book suitable for children of all ages, authored by award-winning children's author Shlomo Shekelberg and published by Good Goy Books!
The glowing reviews that it received from esteemed scholars Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi attest to Shekelberg's sheer literary skill; alas, we should review this wonderful book in finer detail.
Shekelberg takes readers through an accurate depiction of the life of a 'gayby', a young boy growing up in the average homosexual American household during the 2022 Monkeypox outbreak.
But there's an *amazing plot twist!* One of the two fathers, Shitavious... is *black*. Shekelberg proceeds to take readers through the brave and heroic struggles of this fine, proud 21st century American family against the evils of a racist, cisheteronormative patriarchy.
The young boy contracts Monkeypox under mysterious circumstances. A White doctor accuses Shitavious of repeatedly raping the boy after traces of his DNA are found in the boy's rectum, to which Shitavious has a chimp-out. The doctor is immediately fired and is later doxxed and murdered by Antifa and BLM supporters, much to the family's glee. A clear anti-racist message is articulated on these pages: If white, never right.
It is here that Shekelberg's sheer literary capacity truly shines. For Shekelberg isn't *just* a children's author, but an excellent social critic, subtly making several profound insights concerning how homophobic and racist medicines and hospital beds and all sorts of other things actually are, interwoven with his colourful illustrations.
Shekelberg observes that hospitals, hospital walls, hospital beds and so forth, are all too white, all of which he demonstrates is the intentional result of a racist White supremacist and homophobic conspiracy. Shekelberg makes a twin-pronged attack on this hegemonic and vile structural homophobia and racism.
Firstly, hospitals oppress racial and sexual minorities by bombarding them non-stop with unbearable whiteness. For white symbolizes cleanliness, which is a clear racist and homophobic dogwhistle: it sends the implicit but clear message that both non-whites and non-heterosexuals are in some way *unclean* and thus should not be welcomed in such spaces. Shekelberg demonstrates, for instance, that there is no practical difference between hospitals and those historical places with 'Whites Only' signs other than that the racism of the latter is more overt.
Indeed, the esteemed peer-reviewed *Journal of Homo-Negro Studies* has recently published a seminal article concluding that homosexuals of colour, in particular, increasingly reported feeling oppressed in spaces in which they feel that not being heterosexual and white plain and simply leads to feelings of not being right. This empirically proves that anti-racist and anti-homophobic action must be taken to save black and gay lives!
As a cure to this structural racism and homophobia, Shekelberg recommends ensuring that all hospitals and everything in them should be black and brown, suffocating racism and homophobia in such spaces.
This excellent advice, of course, comes from the same author who, in his widely regarded previous children's book, 'My Racist Teeth', wisely led a whole generation to paint their teeth black and brown in order to avoid committing aggressive acts of racism and homophobia whenever they smile. Indeed, consequent of this stellar advice, we have seen a 14% decrease in racism and a similar percentage decrease in homophobia committed over the past year!
Shitavious is soon informed that he also has previously undetected and yet highly advanced cases of AIDS, syphilis and several other STDs, and that he tragically only has a few weeks to live. On his deathbed, Shitavious tells his adopted son some wise last words before passing away. Here, Shekelberg demonstrates his artistic talents, including a wonderful illustration depicting Shitavious with an angel's wings floating towards Heaven's Gate towards God, who is trans and black, awaiting him, symbolically drawing parallels to George Floyd's sacrifice.
In the final few pages, we see how the young boy has matured. We find that he's been wearing adult diapers since the age of 16, and undergone numerous other struggles. His other father—a proud 'bugchaser'—has since died from complications caused by the dozens of STDs inside him. But it's all been worth it. He's about to receive surgery for a prolapsed anus, and yet on the very last page he confidently and proudly shares with readers the wise and empowering words that Shitavious told him all those years ago.
They were: "I Dindu Nuffin to yo' bunghole, boy! Black Lives Matter!"
posted 1 year ago by LGBTQIAIDS (+1 / -0 )
By now, most of us probably know of this quite surreal publication, published by the 'European Observatory of Online Hate' and co-funded by the European Union. Here are some links for anyone who may have missed it.
Links to .pdf document (90 MB):
For those who would rather view it in the form of a scrolling video:
My personal favourites:
013 - George Soros
027 - Tyrone
028 - Martin Looter King
030 - We gon' get free money
042 - The Happy Merchant
043 - Blue The Jew
063 - Smoking a Fag
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posted 1 year ago by LGBTQIAIDS (+4 / -0 )
Climate action that actually makes sense.
Self-identified non-binary Jew 'Brandon Rubenstein'—'they/them', autistic, vaxxed, pro-choice and LGBTQ+ has a meltdown on social media, speaking as though part of a hivemind and as a Democrat who is 'da real racist'.
Also, he literally calls Clarence Thomas a *nigger*. Wow! *Jewmadbro?*
Transcript (emphasis mine):
Thank you, thank you, ladies. I am absolutely furious right now over this overturning of Roe vs Wade. I... I am Jewish, I am non-binary... and **in the Jewish religion, abortion is a sacred right** and I can't believe Clarence Thomas would stab **us** in the back after all **we** did to help the black community. **Clarence Thomas is a nigger,** and **you** better recognize what **the Jews** have done to help **you guys, you** want to take away **our** religious right-
He promptly gets kicked out by the black woman moderator.
There's a lot to think about here. Whether it's his flagrantly collectivist language of 'us', 'you guys', 'they' and 'we'.
Or his blatant overgeneralization fallacy, wherein Clarence Thomas somehow represents the whole 'black community' and that all blax are collectively responsible for his actions.
Or his paternalistic attitude towards blax more generally: how he speaks of them as though his group has done things for them with strings attached, and feels as though he's been betrayed by their lack of reciprocity? Angry that one of his group's puppets didn't do their masters' bidding for once?
Or his attitude which frames American abortionism not in terms of the usual arguments but in terms of *Judaism...* as though American social policies should be... simply what *Jews* want them to be in a secular country where his people are clear minority?
Or his sheer victimhood. Instead of 'women' or 'girls'... it's literally *Jews* who are the most affected? Indeed, does a thing *ever* happen in which Jews don't make themselves the centre of attention and then proceed to make *everything* about themselves?
Oprah, Nick Cannon, Farrakhan, etc. say something about Jews: Step aside, blax, you're going to be reminded the hard way that you're only the biggest victims of all time so long as you don't attack *us,* the *real* biggest victims of all time.
The 'tl;dr': Angry Jewish degenerate who speaks as though he personifies all Jews literally calls Clarence Thomas a nigger; liberal beliefs and policies on abortion are thoroughly Jewish; individualism is just for stupid goyim and Jews are 100% collectivist when push comes to shove.
In typical Clown World fashion, *Leftists* are now out calling Justice Thomas a 'nigger' on Twitter, for example this one in all capitals...
... while bizarrely claiming that he's working against his own interests by siding with people who they think are coming for him next.
I can only laugh at the sheer Clown World notion of Leftists and Jews scratching their heads while yelling: 'Why don't these stupid *niggers* understand that we're da real anti-racists, why are they siding against their own interests!?!?!?', as if any pro-life, pro-gun, etc. nonwhite is somehow incapable of doing his own thinking because, well, *we* know what your *true* interests are and you don't. Yep, Justice Thomas just internalized White supremacy, his mind is colonized! If Thomas was smart, he'd know that 'homophobia', for example, is just a White Man thing and that all blax loved fags before Whitey came along and ruined *gay Wakanda!* It's all Whitey's fault that many nonwhites do not like our immorality!
I have no idea why they think that the Supreme Court is launching an attack on more than just RvW, but these people believe in all sorts of slippery slopes when it suits them... while predictably denouncing non-Leftists whenever they also invoke this 'fallacy'. However, Left-wing slippery slopes are indeed always wrong. Nobody is coming for anything or anyone else—not contraceptives, not queers, not Affirmative Action—as a consequence of this decision. When have any of their slippery slopes ever turned out to be right?
A Literal Bot Subreddit (
posted 2 years ago by LGBTQIAIDS (+2 / -0 ) Edited 2022-05-20 13:40:30
Recently, some people here have brought up what has come to be known as 'Dead Internet Theory'. This term denotes the idea that most internet users are in fact bots.
There have been numerous findings that lend support to such an idea. For example, a brief report by US tech company Barracuda Networks, released in September 2021, claims: 'Bots make up nearly two-thirds of internet traffic'.
Bifurcating bots into 'good' and 'bad', this report further claims that only 25% of 'automated traffic' comes from 'known good bots', whereas 40% comes from 'known bad bots'.
The report provides five examples of real-life 'bad bots'. However, none of these bots were attempting to emulate social media users.
*Reddit* is one website, however, where such bots can be found. Indeed, there is actually at least one whole subreddit full of them:
Enter 'Subreddit Simulator using GPT-2', a subreddit in which *not a single user* appears to be human.
Whilst many of their conversations appear to be nonsensical, one might surmise that advances in AI might lead these bots to one day have conversations that appear more real than those being had between human users. Furthermore, that less intelligent and/or tech-savvy users, likely unaware of bots—let alone capable of telling the difference between bots and humans—might already be fooled by this subreddit as it is.
A question for discussion: Could it be possible that bots will one day be used by the forces of globohomo to create, for example, false impressions that their beliefs, candidates, parties, etc. are more popular than they really are? That opposing beliefs, candidates, parties, etc. are less popular than they really are? Could it be possible that dissident groups could do the same? Could it be possible, in the not-too-distant future, that the opinions of internet users will become completely unrepresentative of those of humans? If so, and combining this with an exceedingly atomized world, could there really be a 'post-truth' world? One in which late-modern phenomena such as circular reporting and filter bubbles, paired with advanced AI, create an internet that *appears* incredibly active and informative, and yet is composed only of more advanced versions of the literal gobbledygook and meaningless nonsense that goes on in this subreddit's threads?
Full of 'history' that, in fact, *never happened*:
Full of seemingly informative 'science' that is, in fact, pure nonsense:
Full of discussions about movies that, in fact, *aren't even real*...
... and if they are, by 'people' who *never watched*—and know nothing about—them:
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This one is in Arizona

Can you believe this insanity? How are people not terrified this is happening?? Are people not aware of how tight the supply chain is? There are no warehouses full of 'back up food'. I mean we were even warned it was coming:
Excerpts of comedy skits from MBC1, an Arab television channel based in the UAE but part of a conglomerate owned by the Saudi government.
Some translated Arab comments claim that Kamala was hilariously portrayed by some guy.
Even *Israeli* television is laughing about the first of them, essentially ridiculing his weakness when faced with the Russo-Ukrainian War. Remember how far we've gone since 2019 when everyone was calling Biden a warmonger rather than a weakling?
Our 'leaders' really are becoming the laughing stock of the world.
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posted 2 years ago by LGBTQIAIDS (+1 / -0 ) Edited 2022-05-20 05:45:10
How are 'progressives' reacting to the so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill?
Well... simply by saying the 'naughty word', 'gay', over and over and over again. Rather like little children.
This is easily one of the most infantilized, immature responses I've ever seen to anything. What's more, the bill allegedly doesn't even have the word 'gay' in it anywhere whatsoever. Literally no one is trying to stop these people from saying the word 'gay'.
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