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Self-identified non-binary Jew 'Brandon Rubenstein'—'they/them', autistic, vaxxed, pro-choice and LGBTQ+ has a meltdown on social media, speaking as though part of a hivemind and as a Democrat who is 'da real racist'.
Also, he literally calls Clarence Thomas a *nigger*. Wow! *Jewmadbro?*
Transcript (emphasis mine):
Thank you, thank you, ladies. I am absolutely furious right now over this overturning of Roe vs Wade. I... I am Jewish, I am non-binary... and **in the Jewish religion, abortion is a sacred right** and I can't believe Clarence Thomas would stab **us** in the back after all **we** did to help the black community. **Clarence Thomas is a nigger,** and **you** better recognize what **the Jews** have done to help **you guys, you** want to take away **our** religious right-
He promptly gets kicked out by the black woman moderator.
There's a lot to think about here. Whether it's his flagrantly collectivist language of 'us', 'you guys', 'they' and 'we'.
Or his blatant overgeneralization fallacy, wherein Clarence Thomas somehow represents the whole 'black community' and that all blax are collectively responsible for his actions.
Or his paternalistic attitude towards blax more generally: how he speaks of them as though his group has done things for them with strings attached, and feels as though he's been betrayed by their lack of reciprocity? Angry that one of his group's puppets didn't do their masters' bidding for once?
Or his attitude which frames American abortionism not in terms of the usual arguments but in terms of *Judaism...* as though American social policies should be... simply what *Jews* want them to be in a secular country where his people are clear minority?
Or his sheer victimhood. Instead of 'women' or 'girls'... it's literally *Jews* who are the most affected? Indeed, does a thing *ever* happen in which Jews don't make themselves the centre of attention and then proceed to make *everything* about themselves?
Oprah, Nick Cannon, Farrakhan, etc. say something about Jews: Step aside, blax, you're going to be reminded the hard way that you're only the biggest victims of all time so long as you don't attack *us,* the *real* biggest victims of all time.
The 'tl;dr': Angry Jewish degenerate who speaks as though he personifies all Jews literally calls Clarence Thomas a nigger; liberal beliefs and policies on abortion are thoroughly Jewish; individualism is just for stupid goyim and Jews are 100% collectivist when push comes to shove.
In typical Clown World fashion, *Leftists* are now out calling Justice Thomas a 'nigger' on Twitter, for example this one in all capitals...
... while bizarrely claiming that he's working against his own interests by siding with people who they think are coming for him next.
I can only laugh at the sheer Clown World notion of Leftists and Jews scratching their heads while yelling: 'Why don't these stupid *niggers* understand that we're da real anti-racists, why are they siding against their own interests!?!?!?', as if any pro-life, pro-gun, etc. nonwhite is somehow incapable of doing his own thinking because, well, *we* know what your *true* interests are and you don't. Yep, Justice Thomas just internalized White supremacy, his mind is colonized! If Thomas was smart, he'd know that 'homophobia', for example, is just a White Man thing and that all blax loved fags before Whitey came along and ruined *gay Wakanda!* It's all Whitey's fault that many nonwhites do not like our immorality!
I have no idea why they think that the Supreme Court is launching an attack on more than just RvW, but these people believe in all sorts of slippery slopes when it suits them... while predictably denouncing non-Leftists whenever they also invoke this 'fallacy'. However, Left-wing slippery slopes are indeed always wrong. Nobody is coming for anything or anyone else—not contraceptives, not queers, not Affirmative Action—as a consequence of this decision. When have any of their slippery slopes ever turned out to be right?
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