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So interesting! Forcing the viewer to verbalize the brand name would force brand recognition. Also, this could mean that if the viewer did *not* say the brand name, the commercial may continue indefinitely. YouTube started doing something similar where it would play several normal ads but if you didn't "skip ad" it would start playing a full on infomercial. I like what this means for normies starting to hate mindless television, but I also appreciate that this is a patent which means Sony has the right to prevent anyone else from implementing this idea.
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> how to practice anarchism
1. attempt to establish communism
2. it provides a net benefit for the whole by penalizing the most productive members
3. eventually the most productive members realize this and become disillusioned
4. > shot on sight
5. oppression, famine, gulags, police state
6. tHat wAsn'T rEal aNaRchiSm
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Tattoos 🤮
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I don't know about the community in general but I personally believe the Bible is literally true. I believe God's word was perfect even though occasional minor typos and difficulty translating may have been introduced or be confusing. There are 3 major paradoxes that are super hard to comprehend but we just have to believe they are true based on every single other thing in the Bible that is not confusing being completely true. We are not afraid of hard questions and in fact Jesus called himself the Truth, so to know the Truth will draw you closer to knowing Jesus.
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> whenever I see tattoos
All tattoos are cringe.
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> is that a computer thing?
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What about banning marijuana sales within city limits?
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This reminds me of the Rat Park experiment. How do we provide a better alternative? In the Rat Park experiment the rats were given community instead of isolation. What can we do to increase community?
I want to build a high-trust community but the other day I offered to lend a fellow white man a tool if he would return it to me and he stole it. In retrospect I should not have trusted a drug user even though he was white. Drugs will hold us back. How can we realistically stop white men from using drugs?
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Sadly many such cases
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# what I was taught to believe
White Supremacy™ is when white people hate all other races and kill them for fun
# what white supremacy actually is
Different racial groups will naturally create different types of societies and the type created by White people is better.
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I like the enthusiasm but calling me (or yourself) a god is blashpemy. We are "made in the likeness of God" with the ability to create but we are not equal to God.
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Strong fathers and strong families.
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Because their fathers didn't demonstrate how a man should love and care for a woman with their mother.
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Welcome, FREN :)
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> confirmed cases
Confirmed how? Natural science doesn't apply to supernatural events.
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I started drying my razor blades because I noticed when I put my razor (double-edged safety razor) away wet I would have to change the blade next time I shaved. I didn't think much about the micro-mechanics but I found this paper interesting and it reaffirms what I observed myself.
Spoiler: Cleaning and drying your razor blades extends their life a lot while "microchipping" has very little affect.
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Is this some degenerate joke I'm too based to understand?
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White Nationalists have the stigma of the hate-filled skin head threatening to attack peaceful and calm "minority" people (thank you, Hollywood). If we want Christians to support white nationalism the conversation needs to be framed like this:
"Other minority groups are allowed to have safe spaces around people that look and act like themselves, which is a natural desire. I think white people, who are a small minority of the global population (less than 10%), should be allowed that same privilege as the others"
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> "Through partnerships with high-profile media influencers who will help us reach our conservative audience, we promise to deliver affordable protection, advice, advocacy, convenience, and transparency."
Is the picture showing an influencer?
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