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Wow, very good idea Me! This should definitely be implemented.
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Based and thank you. I pop my head in every now and then. Good to know that insurgent isn't here anymore.
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Chat GPT says:
As an AI language model, I don't have personal experiences, but I can certainly provide some insights and recommendations related to the theme of "touch grass."
Besides bad weather what prevents you from “touching grass”?
One of the primary factors that can prevent people from touching grass is their busy lifestyle. Many individuals have hectic work schedules or other commitments that make it difficult for them to spend time outside. Additionally, some people may not have access to outdoor spaces or may live in areas where outdoor activities are limited. However, it's important to prioritize time for oneself to be outdoors and reap the benefits of being in nature.
Recommend outdoor activities to do with family or friends.
There are many outdoor activities that can be done with family and friends, such as:
Hiking: this is a great way to explore natural areas and get some exercise.
Camping: spending a night or two outdoors can be a fun and memorable experience.
Swimming: whether it's at a beach or a lake, swimming is a refreshing activity that can be enjoyed by all.
Biking: going for a bike ride is a great way to see the sights and get some exercise.
Playing sports: activities such as soccer, basketball, or frisbee can be a fun way to be active and spend time with friends.
What are your favorite outdoor activities?
As an AI language model, I don't have personal preferences or experiences. However, based on the research and data, activities such as hiking, camping, and biking tend to be popular outdoor activities for many people. Ultimately, the best outdoor activity is the one that you enjoy and that allows you to connect with nature and spend quality time with loved ones.
Captain_Raamsley says: Invitations from other people are the biggest motivators for me to touch grass. Touching grass is about twice as enjoyable for me if I'm with other Aryans while I touch. The biggest barrier to touching grass for me is the phone. I've been lowering my time spent on it over the years though. I'm down to less than 2 hours a day which is fairly reasonable considering how little of that is mindless crap like jewtube, jewbook, jewgram or jewtter.
While in church today, my pastor was preaching out of Acts. It was a very casual late service, starts at 11:45 (I like to treat my Sabbaths as Sabbaths), though usually I arrive for an earlier service. Nonetheless I was up late the night before, and woke up very late. So I rolled out of bed. My hair was scruffy, I had to choose in what ways to clean myself up, I did not have time for a shower.
So I choose to brush my teeth, spray a little deodorant, wash my face. My hair? Run my hand through it 3 times... "No time. Just wear a hat."
In the middle of the service, I'm told to take my hat off. Not by anyone around me, not by anyone I know. Not by myself. But I am told to take off my hat. I've experienced God speaking to me in multiple ways, including - when I was young - with a physical voice (a strong whisper, in the middle of an empty quiet street, in a quiet neighborhood, unmistakeably His). But by far the most common way I have been spoken to, is through instant, intrusive vocal and verbal thoughts. Words that I know aren't physical, and certainly aren't mine.
He told me plainly, and simply, "take off your hat". Just those four words. Self conscious fear filled me. My hair is the center of my small amount of prideful vanity. But prideful vanity it is nonetheless. My pastor went on and on, a feeling of droning flowed from my ears to my mind and soul, not from his tone but from his length on touching this particular subject.
Paraphrasing, "We don't like to open our box of failures and mistakes, especially in front of others. Our pride steps in and prevents us in every way it can. We will make every excuse to keep that box closed." I shamefully did not take my hat off immediately. A very shameful 3 minutes passed in my mind and heart as I sat there with my hat still on. Until I realized, "*if I can't sacrifice this miniscule passion of vanity here in the house of my Father, for my Father, among my own people, my own Christians, then how can I ever hope to beat any other vice, how can I ever hope to accomplish anything greater than removing my own hat for the Lord and His Kingdom?*" The answer is, I can't. Not in any serious or consisten capacity, at least.
So as my pastors words kept chipping away at my pathetic vanity, I took my hat off.
And about 5 seconds later, the Lord immediately told me to take off my jacket. Why? More pathetic vanity. Because when I look in the mirror I think, "Hmm, my arms are too small. My shoulders should be bulkier, my stomach isn't bad but has grown a little since I stopped doing cardio.". So, I took my jacket off.
I've accomplished things for the Lord before, some very good things, but my passions were largely yet to develop. Now I am older, wiser, smarter, more physically fit, and a more prideful, more vain, more foolish, more self centered failure than I've ever been before.
That is the answer as to why I cannot accomplish anything for the Lord like I used to, why I can't accomplish anything greater than I used to. Here I am trying to put great things together, here I am trying to conquer my greatest problems, all while I can't take off my hat or jacket for prideful vanity.
I have learned now, that to improve, especially for the Lord, that not only must you build a firm foundation to live upon, but in order to do so, you must first find the bedrock of your soul. No foundation built on the forest or desert floor can withstand the weight of your battle against the passions. I have learned new meaning in the knowledge that no foundation can be built on sand. You must dig through the topsoil and remove it. Then you must slog through the rocket, gravely earth below it (you know, the kind that is just too big for your spade, but not big enough to justify a skid-steer or excavator). Then you must sweat and toil through the hardpan. When when you reach the cracked boulder below it, you must bloody your hands while desperately trying to split it. And you must haul that bouldee out of that deep, dark, filthy pit.
Only then have you removed that terrible, deadly sin that you must destroy. Only then are you able to build on the bedrock on which the Kingdom of God will sit upon in your soul, heart, and in your physical life.
But you're never going to get there without removing that topsoil. You can't. It's physically impossible.
First, you have to take off that hat.
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Based. I work 4 10s. 3 day weekends are worth it.
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Wolves boop noses in the wild. Interesting. Human knowledge has truly peaked.
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Don't forget that Swarthoids live in liberal areas that will still allow abortions even illegally, while Republican areas are mostly white and will prevent white abortions, and prosecute abortions from out of state.
GOP is useless, but not completely.
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I am a free speech absolutist. For instance, if you can't get together and threaten the life of a politician with immediate violence or the government with immediate rebellion, without repercussion, then what's even the point? The answer is; none.
But when I say speech (and the founders as well), I mean it. Paintings are not speech. Writing is simply recorded speech, and that is protected as well. Pictures, though useful, are not speech. Videos are not speech. Speech is speech. Committing debauched acts is not speech.
These are all things that jews and degenerates (but I repeat myself) have been trying to argue are speech, when they by definition can never be. Whether it's child pornography, Hollywood propaganda (which does not fall under "the press" btw), or accusations of "hate speech", the judaizer knows no bounds to his 1st amendment related pilpul.
The only thing I'd have to give up on to remain ideologically consistent is some sort of gross novel. I think the obvious way to deal with that is basic Christian morality. Luckily my Christianity does not require me to remain ideologically consistent, so I can just infringe on my liberal ideals for the sake of being based, and it's no problem. So let's just ban that kind of writing. Lol, lmao.
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Step 1. Form a party
Step 2. Touch grass
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Gas the kikes
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Speaking the native language in another country? Are Swarthoids even capable of this?
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There's a hot fire underneath the boiler but it was full and damn near freezing. Now the water's hot, but it'll still take alot more if we want to go full steam ahead.
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Lending should be done in gold and silver only and at a maximum of 1% interest *per annum*. But, for the first 25 years or so of le 4th reich, I envision a complete ban on all interest in every single industry. No exceptions.
When people are this stupid, this ignorant, and this sure of themselves (Demoralized), the only way to drag them out of it forcefully (and it must be forcefully - Remoralization) is to do it a little bit at a time. It's as though they are stuck in quicksand; one big pull will not help and will only injure them, possibly tearing them in half! This person is so obviously wrong and I could tell him literally 1000 reasons why, but dropping all of that truth on someone all at once is not an effective or efficient way of communication. It's just like when a professor of physics explains to a 5 year old why "Zero-Point Energy" is not impossible in mathematics, it is absolutely irrational for him to expect the child to understand any of what he says.
The same applies here. Do not get angry at people who have been mentally infantilized by the ZOG system, but rather treat them as the large child that they are, just as I have done here. People's over-confidence in their knowledge must be met with a subversive and purposeful *under*-confidence in your own, and that must be telegraphed through your verbage and tone.
When someone who is overconfident comes to find that they are wrong, their future psychological behavior will be determined by whether or not their opposing party was *under* or *cautiously* confident before argumentative victory. People want to be right, but more importantly want to not be wrong, and they WILL learn from these experiences, consciously or otherwise, that those who are overconfident are those who are wrong.
And it may take them awhile to learn, but this is the fight we are charged with. Whether or not you think it's effective is irrelevant. You have been conscripted into the army of Truth.
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Absolutely based thank you very much king. I don't know how people find things so fast. I guess I'm just a search-let
"The S.S. as an anti-bolshevik fighting organization" is a book written by Heinrich Himmler and I am trying to find the full text, at least in English but hopefully the completely original German text. I've searched on, Google etc. but can't find it. There have been auctions but they are all sold as far as I can tell. I'm willing to pay about $300 for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Consooom original un-kiked texts.
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I have an Israeli furry body pillow. Top that, I dare you!
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Flat Earth is nothing but a satanic subversion. Yet again there is only turning what is rightside up, upside down. But how can one turn a globe, a symmetrical shape in three dimensions, upside down, without being right where you started?
Make it flat.
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How to stop habitual sin (
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Taking more than what you deserve, and especially when you know it. This means stealing, but also uneven deals. If you know someone is a doormat in business, and you exploit that, you're a bad, greedy person.
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