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There's a hot fire underneath the boiler but it was full and damn near freezing. Now the water's hot, but it'll still take alot more if we want to go full steam ahead.
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Lending should be done in gold and silver only and at a maximum of 1% interest *per annum*. But, for the first 25 years or so of le 4th reich, I envision a complete ban on all interest in every single industry. No exceptions.
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Absolutely based thank you very much king. I don't know how people find things so fast. I guess I'm just a search-let
"The S.S. as an anti-bolshevik fighting organization" is a book written by Heinrich Himmler and I am trying to find the full text, at least in English but hopefully the completely original German text. I've searched on, Google etc. but can't find it. There have been auctions but they are all sold as far as I can tell. I'm willing to pay about $300 for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Consooom original un-kiked texts.
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I have an Israeli furry body pillow. Top that, I dare you!
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Flat Earth is nothing but a satanic subversion. Yet again there is only turning what is rightside up, upside down. But how can one turn a globe, a symmetrical shape in three dimensions, upside down, without being right where you started?
Make it flat.
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How to stop habitual sin (
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Taking more than what you deserve, and especially when you know it. This means stealing, but also uneven deals. If you know someone is a doormat in business, and you exploit that, you're a bad, greedy person.
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>Wow, that is an impressive assertion.
I know... I've done a lot of dumb stuff in my past ;)
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I'm smart (and stubborn) so it's not easy to change my mind. This did. Great video.
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I'd rather live in the Minarcho-Monarchist Familial Corporate-Capitalist Patriarchal Semi-Theonomic Theocratic Partial-Preterist Pre-Post-Millenialist Constitutionalist White Isrealite Ethno-Reich Republic Utopia known as Raamsleyville
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Less heretical than the sun cult
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>yet consciousness is universal and eternal, cyclically fractalizing, defractalizing, and refractalizing endlessly, and we're all fractals of the godhead
Just more of men coping and seething because they want to be God.
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>anarchy, free energy, psychonaut
Wow you could not have discredited yourself faster.
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Depends on what kind of "capitalism" you are talking about. No nation on earth is currently capitalist. All nations are currently "creditist", so to speak. Jews offer loans and interest based off of your "credit" - a euphemism for the tally of how much of a good slave goy you are - when was the last time someone spent their saved *capital* (currency, money etc) on something? The answer is you can't tell me, unless you're already opposed to the system. In this manner, effectively no one in all of society has ever *earned anything, ever*, besides maybe their first paycheck. Everyone has everything afforded to them in advance. Thus all morals decay, the people become entitled, and the entire concept of *saving*, and *sacrificing* loses all context, all definition, all relevance and all value.
In true capitalism, people *save* real gold and *sacrifice* time, energy and youth, in order to *spend* later.
The last Capitalist nation, was in fact, the National Socialist Deutsches Reich.
Above is the strictly economic side of National Socialism, the effects of which only take place according to the will and righteousness of it's Aryans.
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>"A Socialist is one who serves the common good without giving up his individuality or personality or the product of his personal efficiency. Our adopted term 'Socialist' has nothing to do with Marxian Socialism. Marxism is anti-property; true socialism is not. Marxism places no value on the individual, or individual effort, or efficiency; true Socialism values the individual and encourages him in individual efficiency, at the same time holding that his interests as an individual must be in consonance with those of the community. All great inventions, discoveries, achievements were first the product of an individual brain. It is charged against me that I am against property, that I am an atheist. Both charges are false."
- Adolf Hitler, December 28, 1938
I think you will have much trouble finding a natsoc which does not agree with this.
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Lol sorry guys u/Since1897 u/JohnCandle
>I can't tell what natsoc is through the propaganda, plus a lot of self-identified natsocs online seem like classical liberals with a nationalist bent to them
Let me let you in on a little "esoteric" knowledge: The most Aryan ideology and structure of society, that which struggles against the pulls of the world the most, and which is most Christian at it's core, and idyllic to the point of nigh-impossibility, will always be the American form of government in it's unadulterated, uncorrupt, un-negroefied and unjudaized state. A nation for our Volk, a country for our Own, solely for "free ***White*** [Aryan, European] people ***of good character***", free from the whims and woes of any one fallen man, a king, souls submitted only to Christ, with freedom and destiny only limited by the consensus of 12-16 other free White persons of good character, only during times of questioning and investigation of one's alleged transgressions against another. Prosperity only limited by the self, God, and our freedom of supplying and demanding.
A post-scarcity world, not because of automation, central planning or anything of the sort, but by hard and intelligent work, pioneering and perseverance, rightfully earning more than just a "living", where one can raise his family with his love in peace, in a sound community where all have value, where all can practice and hone righteous action and gain purpose.
None of this is possible without a socially loving and benevolent White folk, with closely followed Christian morality and statutes, the lack of an invading negroe horde and complete and permanent removal of all jewish "people" off the face of the earth.
We now have none of these things. The last one to go, of course, is our Christian morality, which is all but gone.
If you observe historical fact you will find that the Reich went from none of this, to all of this, under National Socialism. National Socialism is by definition a crusade of righteous men with mercy for the satanic and judaic forgone. No man can stand in the way of National Socialism because it is nothing more or less than the physical manifestation of Christ's own story within the Aryan-only state. The moment we collectively forget truth and eternal struggle against sin and deception is the moment we lose National Socialism.
National Socialism's strength comes not from any loyalty to economic or government structure, but to the endless pursuit of not just excellence but righteousness by our Own. Only We, National Socialist Aryans have seen truly into the abyss, where it stares back and lies in wait for our slipups. We know the dangers which the enemy lays on our souls, tested and proven in corruption of the heart. We are stewards in resisting such sin and death, therefore only as conquerable as the weakness of our faith.
National Socialism is the collective disowning of this judaized society by any means necessary. A return to Christ and His teachings and what he wants and desires for us and our society at large. A revisit to National Socialism by the American and Aryan people in general is necessary. It is not an option, rather a complete necessity, and the only path forward. Only once we unite under National Socialism, AND all Jews and judaizers are exterminated, can our folk progress again towards the idyllic free ethnostate which the American system of government pioneered.
There is no Aryan ethos above absolute and total Freedom. The freedom to work and trade on a man's own terms, the freedom to find and marry your love and start a family as large or small as you want. The greatest freedom is freedom in Christ Jesus from sin and death, freedom in eternal life with God.
This is what National Socialism truly always is, was, and will be; a complete and total Hail Mary by men, women and children who choose light over darkness, life over death, God and His Risen Son over satan. The self-collectivization of the self, not for the other, but for the brother. An automatically understood and unbreakable blood-pact by all Aryans for the purpose of God and the destruction of satan, in a complete and total war against the devil, his demons and his followers, in the fight to end all fights, in the war to end all wars, to have the honor of declaring in heaven among your ancestors and descendants that you, your brothers and your sisters, fought alongside their chosen leaders, forged with their own scrutiny, that they fought tooth and nail against the false throne of satan, saving nothing from sacrifice upon the altar for the Lord in their final fight, and that even in the last moments of the world when they knew that Jesus Christ's Return was imminent, they did not fear or fret, that even in all of their last moments they declared with one voice, together and united, that they will fight to the bittersweet end, to give satan and his unholy hordes the Hell of a fight they were asking for.
Total Dedication is National Socialism. The realization that not only do the Ends justify the Means, but that those Means be utilized to the fullest possible extent, whatever they are and however far that is.
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I would but it's 12 am. Ask me again in 16 hours
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