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Chat GPT says:
As an AI language model, I don't have personal experiences, but I can certainly provide some insights and recommendations related to the theme of "touch grass."
Besides bad weather what prevents you from “touching grass”?
One of the primary factors that can prevent people from touching grass is their busy lifestyle. Many individuals have hectic work schedules or other commitments that make it difficult for them to spend time outside. Additionally, some people may not have access to outdoor spaces or may live in areas where outdoor activities are limited. However, it's important to prioritize time for oneself to be outdoors and reap the benefits of being in nature.
Recommend outdoor activities to do with family or friends.
There are many outdoor activities that can be done with family and friends, such as:
Hiking: this is a great way to explore natural areas and get some exercise.
Camping: spending a night or two outdoors can be a fun and memorable experience.
Swimming: whether it's at a beach or a lake, swimming is a refreshing activity that can be enjoyed by all.
Biking: going for a bike ride is a great way to see the sights and get some exercise.
Playing sports: activities such as soccer, basketball, or frisbee can be a fun way to be active and spend time with friends.
What are your favorite outdoor activities?
As an AI language model, I don't have personal preferences or experiences. However, based on the research and data, activities such as hiking, camping, and biking tend to be popular outdoor activities for many people. Ultimately, the best outdoor activity is the one that you enjoy and that allows you to connect with nature and spend quality time with loved ones.
Captain_Raamsley says: Invitations from other people are the biggest motivators for me to touch grass. Touching grass is about twice as enjoyable for me if I'm with other Aryans while I touch. The biggest barrier to touching grass for me is the phone. I've been lowering my time spent on it over the years though. I'm down to less than 2 hours a day which is fairly reasonable considering how little of that is mindless crap like jewtube, jewbook, jewgram or jewtter.
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Based. I work 4 10s. 3 day weekends are worth it.
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Wolves boop noses in the wild. Interesting. Human knowledge has truly peaked.
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Don't forget that Swarthoids live in liberal areas that will still allow abortions even illegally, while Republican areas are mostly white and will prevent white abortions, and prosecute abortions from out of state.
GOP is useless, but not completely.
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I am a free speech absolutist. For instance, if you can't get together and threaten the life of a politician with immediate violence or the government with immediate rebellion, without repercussion, then what's even the point? The answer is; none.
But when I say speech (and the founders as well), I mean it. Paintings are not speech. Writing is simply recorded speech, and that is protected as well. Pictures, though useful, are not speech. Videos are not speech. Speech is speech. Committing debauched acts is not speech.
These are all things that jews and degenerates (but I repeat myself) have been trying to argue are speech, when they by definition can never be. Whether it's child pornography, Hollywood propaganda (which does not fall under "the press" btw), or accusations of "hate speech", the judaizer knows no bounds to his 1st amendment related pilpul.
The only thing I'd have to give up on to remain ideologically consistent is some sort of gross novel. I think the obvious way to deal with that is basic Christian morality. Luckily my Christianity does not require me to remain ideologically consistent, so I can just infringe on my liberal ideals for the sake of being based, and it's no problem. So let's just ban that kind of writing. Lol, lmao.
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Step 1. Form a party
Step 2. Touch grass
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Gas the kikes
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Speaking the native language in another country? Are Swarthoids even capable of this?
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There's a hot fire underneath the boiler but it was full and damn near freezing. Now the water's hot, but it'll still take alot more if we want to go full steam ahead.
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Lending should be done in gold and silver only and at a maximum of 1% interest *per annum*. But, for the first 25 years or so of le 4th reich, I envision a complete ban on all interest in every single industry. No exceptions.
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Absolutely based thank you very much king. I don't know how people find things so fast. I guess I'm just a search-let
"The S.S. as an anti-bolshevik fighting organization" is a book written by Heinrich Himmler and I am trying to find the full text, at least in English but hopefully the completely original German text. I've searched on, Google etc. but can't find it. There have been auctions but they are all sold as far as I can tell. I'm willing to pay about $300 for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Consooom original un-kiked texts.
test by admin
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I have an Israeli furry body pillow. Top that, I dare you!
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Flat Earth is nothing but a satanic subversion. Yet again there is only turning what is rightside up, upside down. But how can one turn a globe, a symmetrical shape in three dimensions, upside down, without being right where you started?
Make it flat.
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How to stop habitual sin (
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Taking more than what you deserve, and especially when you know it. This means stealing, but also uneven deals. If you know someone is a doormat in business, and you exploit that, you're a bad, greedy person.
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>Wow, that is an impressive assertion.
I know... I've done a lot of dumb stuff in my past ;)
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I'm smart (and stubborn) so it's not easy to change my mind. This did. Great video.
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