Set restrictions on Centralization of Power.
Also, limit the Centralization of Force.
A Standing army, like a standing police force, and a standing State,.. all are to be opposed.
The Founders had the right idea in limiting the Power of the State, but the involvement of big Money in politics took us away from a small State.
There should be a type of Rollback mechanism in the Constitution of a Republic.
If the lever is pulled, the State would be rolled back to absolute necessities.
Or the lever could be a cessation of personal taxation, that would roll back the State.

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what do you think about "ancapistan"?
seems like what the government does could be decentralized into different competing private companies
To me it really ends up looking more like small government than some ancaps think, but I also think it's more functional than non-ancap critics think
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By having a policy that forbids any Governance, the policy enforcers will become the Government.
I like the idea of Voluntarism and Panarchy... And I think that these 2 are best implemented in small communities.
I also think that there should be a few Unamendable policies that cannot be changed, or added to. All should be subject to these, no matter their membership in a State, or non membership.
So , for Ancapistan, I think that it is good for high functioning and homogenous society, but low functioning societies require more authority since they cannot govern themselves.
More than anything, we are mistaken when we try to arrive at a "perfect system" which will last for all time, we should focus on what is needed NOW, and when the now has passed, we will plan again.
What we need today is Anarchism, not because it is the best longterm concept, rather because the State is the enemy, and we all need to unite against it.
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> the policy enforcers will become the government
yes, so basically this is why I think it looks more like small government than some ancaps think, it's just decentralized or isn't one entity but might be multiple
> small communities, homogeneous high functioning high trust societies
yes, arguably I'm not sure much system works at all in "multi-cultural" societies, or at least when there are conflicts of political and religious value (Christian vs. Muslim, or leftist vs. conservative for example on something offensive like abortion)
besides maybe a vague watered down form of government or governmental institutions (in ancap)
> we need anarchism today because the State is the enemy
yeah, I mean "anarchy" could be preferable to their tyrannical distortion of true government. I'd be ok with "reforms" in a freer or more conservative direction; I like the idea of ancapistan, am ok with a decent Constitutional conservativism. Anything along the spectrum of freedom and conservativism. Any improvements over what's going on right now, reverting back to former U.S. days.
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