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Not a conspiracy theory if it's true. Prove it isn't, heebs
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lit af fr fr yolo nocap bussin
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They like to fuck ass
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What did it originally say?
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This is why niggers are bad at crime. Why steal so many when you have no plan to sell them? Why store them all together? That many bikes would get you an organized crime charge.
The number of niggers in prison isn't only because they commit so much crime. They're fucking awful at it too.
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You get banned if you ask them to choose only women and not faggots.
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Don't they just leave the food at the door?
And if they did this shit isn't there a way to leave notes on the customer?
I don't use this crap, I don't know
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Just getting right to the point and coming out with it. It is all self worship
Did it use Leatherface for its avatar? jfc
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Not criticizing you, I just think it's funny how the left is always crying about how racist people in the past were and then acting offended when they talk about how racist they are.
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I know Muslims and Hindus warred over and over again. They had some bloody wars that killed off a lot of them and changed their culture.
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India was one of the first civilizations. They were one of the first tribes to get it together and actually start building. What the fuck is wrong with them that India is still so backward after thousands of years of being civilized? They eat off the ground outside, the same ground they shit on.
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Truly smart people are able to see behind the curtain and know who's running shit and know who's being used. He's an example of someone that plays the game (that helps the people running shit) and makes a good show of looking smart.
Granted, I don't find him incredibly intelligent since all I've heard from him is Freshman level science. Maybe he's said more but I haven't heard it. If he did reach that level it's unlikely he would be playing the steppin fetchit character he is.
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So the world is awful and it's up to the young homos to change it or shock at how awful the world is
Choose one. You can't have both.
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They are all uneducated pedophiles and hookers for jews
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Yep. That's what I mean
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I changed my jaw to the square chad jaw but it wasn't intentional. I would always tense my chin while I slept and it ended up that way. No one else in my family has it.
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They saw their personal trainer and they had a sit down face to face talk
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They know that all their music is pedophilic, feminine and weak as shit, right? At the very least it is all just ripping off better music. The mainstream music of today are the last people that should criticize.
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It's the inbreeding
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On behalf of Eight hundred million trillion gorillion sevesultillion jews!
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If it weren't for him jews would have to make up Nazi abuses. Thanks to Karl they can pretend every Nazi was like this even when they were upstanding, honorable soldiers.
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They've always been abundant, there's been no 'rise'. The serial killer with the highest body count in the US is a nigger, Sam Little. He's also ninth in the world. The first white American is way down the list.
They are also much higher in incest and child abuse as well as school (and all types) of shootings where they corner the market. Only thing is jew media keeps changing the definitions of the above to avoid bringing attention to niggers the same way mtv didn't have a nigger on Teen Mom for years.
Whites don't come close to nigger shooters and serial killers, especially when you take population numbers into account.
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A bunch of people incredibly sensitive and delicate looking for ways to be upset always make up self righteous political reasons for their being upset rather than facing the truth that they are weak.
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