Power = organization of likeminded people. Our enemies desperately want the dissident right to just shitpost and remain atomized. Well, I say NO to such an idea. I am aiming to achieve self mastery for something, after all.
Seek to use creative guerilla marketing tactics to meet likeminded people, look in the right places, ask probing open ended questions and if all that fails at least find serious people online.
When we establish networks then our networks receive emergent properties that allow us to achieve collectively more than we can than we could ever do on our own.

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I meant guerilla marketing to find likeminded people as described in this article:
But if you believe in the power of memes so much, then gather a shitposting crew and use it to subvert an online community with humor. You would have people making the memes and then other people posting/interacting with people. You could influence the thinking of at least 100 people.
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Very good..
They do not REALLY fear shitposting, naming, or blaming.
While these do have some value, they are only one step on a long journey.
When on the battlefield, you do not first ask...
"Who is shooting at me"
You ask "How can I survive this assault?
Likewise, you are not more likely to survive if you know the identity of the shooter.
It would be better to avoid the area where bullets are flying, and if you cannot you should prepare a ballistic suit and your own offense.
Complaining > Naming > Blaming > Solutions > Action
The enemy fears Rhetoric that leads to ACTION.
They fear Rhetoric that leads to Unified ACTION.
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well said
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> guerilla marketing tactics
We need bots of our own, and shill networks of our own.
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Yes, im always amazed by what shills did to Reddit. We need money + an "active club" + knowledge of NLP in python + experience with libraries like selenium
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I like the way that you think.
It reminds me of the Left vs the Right scenario.
The Left only cares about Power, and they will do anything at all to get it, they cheat, lie, steal.. you name it.
But on the Right, it's always .. "Muh Democrats lie and cheat", and "We would never stoop to their Level"
Here we are, the Left has the Power in politics/media/commerce/philanthropy and the Right feels moral superiority.
We are long past the days of Virtue Signaling, and Power is necessary for Surival. Seeing as Survival is the highest virtue, almost all is fair .
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This is exactly what drew me away from conservatism and all analogous ideologies. They lack any virility, integrity, or honor.
We need theory and praxis(yes i copy this concept of "theory" from the commies and apply it to third position) to actually protect our interests.
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