Curious of your view of this morally or practically.
Microdosing is taking a small amount of a drug that wouldn't cause addiction or intoxication.
For a comparison for example instead of a person drinking cases of beer, they'd have maybe like a quarter of a beer (usually 1/10th or 1/20th of a dose that causes "strong effects").
But "microdosing" is usually related to taking drugs like psychedelics in really small quantities so that they don't cause hallucinations but that they may affect the brain; the hope is they affect it in a positive way that boosts creativity or intellectual ability.
You're not going to get drunk off 1/4 of a beer or have much impairment morally I wouldn't think. If so, cut the dose down even further for the example.
Personally I oppose psychedelics and a lot of drug use, even moderate use like with alcohol I like pretty small amounts currently (like the quarter of a beer example). But I do like just a little taste still.
So I was wondering if microdosing might fit within a sober worldview. Or do you think its intention is bad, it's like people still wanting to do drugs and get as close to danger as possible without getting hurt? Does it open people up to harm and it has more potential for harm than good?
Example article about microdosing caffeine:
> To achieve an optimal energy zone, you generally need to consume between 60 mg and 100 mg of caffeine.
> One way to optimize your intake is through microdosing, or consuming small amounts of caffeine throughout the day. This might look like drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, and then only having green tea throughout the rest of the day. Or slowly sipping your coffee in the morning, which may help you drink around 10 mg or so of caffeine at a time. These techniques may give you enough stimulation to help you be as productive as possible without feeling jittery or anxious.
> what we are finding now is that low doses can be safer and better for the body: They can help improves alertness, mood, and cognition during and after physical exercise but with few (if any) side effects. In fact, a recent review suggested that low doses of caffeine, as low as 3 mg, can be just as effective as higher doses.

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It's not for me. Unmooring the connections within my mind on serves to distract and confuse me. I like absorbing and mulling over ideas. Psychedelics would only serve make me less productive.
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yeah it's interesting to think about some of these things. let's assume drugs actually make productivity decrease. however, some people may "believe" they are helpful, which would create a placebo effect of making them more productive. Hence they could end up making them more productive but simply because they've believed it in to existence. They could just take a sugar pill and have a similar experience. That's another interesting ethical question, of using placebos as "drugs". Just like when people end up being "drunk" off of non-alcoholic beer - sometimes the mind creates certain physical realities based on expectations and belief.
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