This letter was shared on 16Chan. [90% sure it's real]
If you have any letters from Uncle Ted Please share.

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 Very interesting, as a casual observer I never got the impression that Ted’s ideas were particularly racially focussed but I would possibly have assumed some sort of separatist position.
If this is a genuine letter from Ted then there will undoubtedly be a good few Ted fans who will be quite surprised at this aspect of his vision.
Thanks for the post EJGeneric.
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Ted is of a different generation than many of his fans. I did not want to share this letter until Consume Pro was able to have a more nuanced view of this type of material.
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Ted sounds ignorant on these issues but it's interesting to read
ecofash is a specific thing but I think authoritarian primitivism seems coherent and stands in contrast to the anarchist primitivism which is often attempted to be inseparably linked; what I would argue is I mean I think authoritarian primitivism is an alternative he is not understanding as a possibility or is purposely deflecting from this fact (of which ecofash is a subset)
I think some of them are against tech entirely so #1 would be wrong
also with #2 in his explanation, it would just suggest that an authoritarian primitivist view is globalist in orientation, or would have to forcibly prevent the development of tech in some other society or societies
anprim kind of has the same globalist problem or orientation that unless everyone is anprim, someone might start developing or overdeveloping tech
idk what a Christian view of tech should be, maybe tech in moderation? too much tech is leading to an anti-Christian materialism. but too little tech might not help us as much as we are able. I think Christians might have a lower time preference in contrast to atheists who believe this is the only life so they want maximum tech now, some of them, where Christians might be take it or leave it in their attitudes.
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>idk what a Christian view of tech should be, maybe tech in moderation?
Maybe useful tech and not distracting tech. Mennonites use tech depending on specific needs. (If it helps in productivity, it's good. If it hinders productivity, it's bad)
> think Christians might have a lower time preference
Christians think ahead because they are building families and fellowship.
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there's this idea of "appropriate technology" which might fit the bill:
Ted himself is not totally against tech I thought, I thought he was more in to just like pre-industrial society rather than some of the primitivism of like John Zerzan (who rails against things like agriculture or something more basic like language)
I find primitivism vs. technology to really be another political consideration entirely, it really spans the political spectrum as like another dimension of thought. The libertarians are interested in it because tech can give or threaten freedom, while authoritarians are interested in it because tech can threaten the authority of their group or defend it. Conservatives are open to creating new traditions or defending the old, which is for or against the primitive, while socialists have been against it as luddites since tech can destroy jobs and "save" labor or are sometimes for it in order to save labor for the common laborer.
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