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I'd fight for this.
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>What do you think will happen in the next few decades with what claims to be or is "Catholicism"?

I'm a catholic. Born in a catholic family and baptized as an infant. I went to catechism. I received first communion and confirmation. My uncle was a catholic priest. He's now past.

I tell you all that so that I can tell you this: Catholicism has probably been dead as a real religious faith for at least 10 or 15 years. Subversive Jews and homosexuals killed it. It was severely harmed with communist and homosexual subversion in the 30's and 40's. It was fatally wounded with Vatican II. Today is lies comatose on the edge of death.

I don't see how the faith can be revived. If it is revived it will probably be a very different fake globo homo 'faith'. The church had an opportunity at redemption when Bishop Williamson stepped up and attempted to warn about the major mistakes of Vatican II and ignoring Jews and globalists false religions. The leadership of the church and most of the flock did not listen to Williamson or they listened but didn't hear.

Why do I think Catholicism is dead? Well, it doesn't really stand for anything it use to stand for. Almost every value it use to hold is either inverted or ignored. Most modern Catholicism punishes and turns it's back on it's own followers. Especially when they attempt to stand up for European ethnic rights, natalism, monogamy, etc. Catholicism in my humble opinion was all about ultimate faith in Christ whom is above earthly pursuits; Truth in all forms was the currency of the catholic faith. Thus, for generations Catholics told the oppressive state and the mammon worshipers and the un-repentant sinners to fuck off to hell. The old faith was about in group out group. Catholicism was intrinsically association with European peoples, their well being and strength in general. Catholicism was closely linked to fighting the devil manifest in human form: the Jew. It was a masculine faith. That's not the case anymore. How can any strong white male that wants: wife, family, and a moral safe ethnically European society support modern satanic, cucked and subverted anti white Catholicism?

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I'm new here. I set up two new networks:




My DAR group is still on saidit (this is a backup) but we might move here if censorship gets too bad.
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What's conpro?
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>I am curious to hear if you experiment with this further

I haven't yet but I'm moving forward slowly towards it. I'm not good with machining myself but I've spent the last 3 years moving myself out of the city and to a largely rural area with high quality high trust whites. Many of my new frens are basted and love DIY and welding/machining/3d printing. I'm really excited to keep learning and get a few of my neighbors involved. I'll make a post and ping you if I do make anything.

Seems like the engine itself isn't the costly part on the solar version. It's mainly the tracking stuff and the large collector array but you can do the same thing now for way cheaper.
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You could put the Amish or a German/Swiss village on the right. Native Americans only lived in harmony with the land because nature forced them too. They didn't have enough genetic diversity to birth inventors and philosophers; they were a stagnant people. I do believe that living in harmony with the environment is a sign of a high IQ populace though.
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I've spent a few weeks looking into them. They were invented around the same time as the steam engine but because there were trees and coal everywhere to burn the industrial revolution went down the steam route. What's weird is how quiet, long lasting, and non polluting these engines are. All they do is harvest temperature variants. Any one that lives in a really cold place or a really warm place could probably find places to stick these things and passively harvest energy.

They don't produce a lot of torque but now that we have way better battery tech I can't see why these can't become more feasible.

One obvious use is paired up with parabolic or convex concentrators. As far back as 1980 we had [powerful working models]( of these and in some parts of the US and Europe there are some commercial operations with these in use.

Why the fuck don't we see these everywhere??
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>Elon might be the one responsible for a lot of these bots.

No doubt. I don't think he intended on buying Twitter at all. He's just exposing them and forcing their hand (because he knew they were inflating their users). This way he gets to effectively control twitter the next 6-12 months while everything is tied up in litigation. They might even end up giving him a big discount or paying him a billion.
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We are certainly seeing this theory play out as Musk has challenged Twitter on its user counts. Half of Joe Biden's followers were found to be bots.

Not only will our enemies be using these bots to boost their own numbers they will be using them to make our side look violent or unhinged. Heavily moderated spaces are probably going to be the only game in town moving forward and even then you have to deal with the real life paid shills.
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I bought olympic rings a few years ago and do hangs every morning. I also use them for micro workouts/greasing the groove.

>Why is making a conscious effort to stick to a daily routine challenging?

I think it's because once you really commit to something (and perform it daily) something else in your life needs downplayed. OFten time that's some type of bad habit. We are constantly battling what to fill our day with.

>Do you have a structured daily routine or is it random day by day?

Not really. I find that if I make lists or overstructure my day I get overwhelemed and don't do most of the things I need to do. If you're bad at getting things done watch youtube channels from people with adhd or low executive function. You can learn about using your environment to help you stay focused. Example: If I need to take something to work I put it in the car the night before. If I need to workout I make getting dressed to workout easier. I make the start of the process as easy as possible.
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