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posted 10 days ago by EJGeneric (+8 / -0 )
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10 days ago 1 point (+1 / -0 ) 1 child
There's a town in California called Placerville. It used to be called Hangtown because they used to hang criminals there pretty often. Every Halloween the locals still put up hanging strawmen on lampposts and trees. The locals also call liberals "Lowlanders" and tend to reject woke culture.
The town is still mostly White. Goes to show that even in woke central, there are Whites who still care. I'd rather look to "good endings" where Hangtown replaces Placerville, but this time the world.
10 days ago 1 point (+1 / -0 ) 1 child
I likev He way you think. Placerville sounds like my thyme of people. Liberals Marxist’s what have you have been pushing us out for a long while now. Why not smother out their culture. Brutally and efficiently.
10 days ago 1 point (+1 / -0 )
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