I remember seeing some older white people who hated black culture as they though it appealed to base instincts
they thought that a white person adopting such styles and mannerisms was backward, as they were capable culturally of striving towards pursuits of higher culture
So what do you think of "wiggers" and how can this issue be addressed?

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Black culture is Poison for Whites and even Blacks.. In fact it is not even Black culture, it is jewish culture , distributed through Black golems.
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[**The Average Wigger**](https://files.catbox.moe/8h7d6t.mp4) Knows deep down, if they Shuck and Jive, they won't get their ass beat by their hostile neighbors.
It's a bit of a way to blend in. It's also absorbing a foreign culture when you have no strong examples in your life of good/strong White culture. The average wigger is on the lower White IQ spectrum as well.
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ok so low IQ and means of survival, the latter I failed to consider and that seems like a fair reason
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The survival aspect I've heard from other white nationalist commentators. The gist of it is you either move/leave, team up with you tribe or cowtow/blend into the majority. (All common tactics more obvious in High School and prison environments.
For me it was the Cholo problem in High School. Many former Mexican friends flipped into the Cholo gang aesthetic around 8th/9th grade. It seemed alien so I did not try to assimilate. My other friend group were mostly skinny white nerds. (The previous Black friends paired off into grievance gang groups) After a few months of avoiding/fighting I left for continuation. (The Black vs Mexican gang wars during lunch periods were a bit much back in the day)
Low IQ whigger trap is you will never attract a loyal White woman. Because deep down you are faking a culture that is not truly yours. Eventually she will want a real nigger not a fake ass White boy.
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Kill them
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For some 'trendy-trendsters' it's all about ascending to the lofty heights of hipster, and ain't nothing more hip these days than shunkapes, and nothing more 'uncool' than being white. So until their microbrains can figure a way to change their skin color, they do the next best thing....hang with apes, dress like apes, talk like apes, act like apes, and try to get adopted into ape culture.
Of course it never fully succeeds, as the apes always treat them as outsiders, flunkies, doormats, or 'token whiteboy'. Think George Jefferson's snide treatment of Willis and Bentley on 'The Jeffersons'. No matter how bad the apes treat them, they turn a blind eye and deaf ear, as it helps balm their white guilt. I suspect much of this BS has to do with Hollyweird brainwashing, via their multitude of movies showing whites and blackies in friendly blissful coexistence. While always a far cry from reality, it appeals to the mindset of libtardation....leftist life desperately wanting to imitate art, and make their movie fantasy a reality.
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They'd get an extra layer of body armour and sent out to the front lines with no gun.

Here wiggers, take this and go absorb bullets
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