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posted 2 years ago by reject_degeneracy (+8 / -0 )
posted 2 years ago by gringoannoyer (+0 / -10 )
posted 2 years ago by Harambe (+5 / -0 )
posted 2 years ago by SFAM1A (+13 / -0 )
posted 2 years ago by admin (+4 / -0 )
That's what the error was.
Just created an account to secure my username. Looking at the settings menu, I see that Access logging is enabled by default and you have to manually opt-out.
I assume most people are using a VPN, But still: Having IP logging off by default is probably a good idea
posted 2 years ago by EUssr (+15 / -0 )
The honorary heterosexual has arrived.
1. ~~A tall sidebar breaks the footer. Noticable on ConsumeProduct.~~ Fixed
2. ~~Access logs were bugged and can't be effectively disabled by admins for existing accounts. [Please check whether you are affected and turn them off]( For privacy reasons these should always be opt-in.~~ Fixed
3. Thumbnail generation for images sometimes causes an internal server error, but the post still goes through. (may have already been unintentionally fixed, haven't noticed any more errors in the logs)
4. ~~Unable to vote from the notifications dropdown. Vote arrows did show up in development.~~ Fixed
5. ~~Commenting on your own post generates a notification~~ Fixed
6. ~~The colored arrow indicator for a comment voted on cascades to all visible child comments.~~ Fixed
7. ~~Blank comment after edit (just a visual bug, it does actually save properly)~~ Fixed
8. ~~Marking modmail as read causes your personal inbox's unread count to go into the negatives until server restart~~ Fixed
9. ~~Incorrect post title length limit~~ Fixed
Please report any if you notice them.
I fully support and endorse any messages and/or communications occurring on this platform as on .win one.
You're a real go getter bro
posted 2 years ago by Spoonks (+9 / -0 )
posted 2 years ago by GloboShlomo (+18 / -0 )
posted 2 years ago by Literally_Hitler (+5 / -0 )
Free helicopter rides (
posted 2 years ago by tbonepickins (+14 / -0 )
Just hope the old .win board doesn't get abandoned
posted 2 years ago by aaaa (+7 / -0 )
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