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posted 1 year ago by Arete (+4 / -0 )
Way to go bro!
New account. Internal Sever error selecting boards for feed.
Think this would be a good idea. Not any "based" boards that discuss this type of stuff to be perfectly honest.
Can feature things such as:
- basic guides
- sharing projects and progress
- questions on how to perform certain tasks or get started
- general discussion / career advice on getting into the trades
Will work on getting this forward when there's time and I'll reach out to certain people like u/ValuesLiberty and others.
Anyone who wants to be involved please let me know
posted 1 year ago by sparrow (+3 / -0 )
Makes a screen more viewable in bright sun outside
Battery times would improve because of low power usage by e-ink screen
There are some e-ink smartphones being created
Anyone else like this idea?
Win is down as of Thursday morning, but not Arete!
How this works: An organization tries to contact a citizen to pick up a certain money, and they don't within a certain time period, so since it's legally not their money they hand it over to "unclaimed property" departments in each state (could be a paycheck, stock dividends, money left over in an account, etc.)
How to possibly find monies or how I did it: find your state website on
My state allows free searches, I thought I heard some people say they had to pay or something?
Look up people by last name (can be your last name, can look up friends and family and tell them, etc.)
If you find someone you know, let them know
I don't know how they file, I guess just follow instructions on site
then I assume they'll mail you a check?
My name did not come up but a few family members did, another acquaintance's daughter had a whole unclaimed paycheck, other people found some monies they didn't know about
could be an excuse to talk to random people you may know of as well, who doesn't like reclaiming "free money" that's theirs?
Good luck and let us know if you find anything
> [National Day of Unplugging encourages people] to take a 24-hour-break from screens, devices, and social media.
> Children and youth use 4-5 times the amount of technology recommended for their age.
> Too much technology has harmful effects on not only children, but adults, too.
I realize everyone here might be in different countries, but I was wondering for those in the U.S. what the "American Dream" is to them, or those not in the U.S. of what some kind of equivalent dream is for those of your country.
posted 1 year ago by sparrow (+1 / -2 )
"Musopen’s goal is to be the largest online repository of music in the public domain."
Pay-What-You-Want PDF
posted 1 year ago by sparrow (+2 / -1 )
how that industrial revolution treatin' ya lads
posted 1 year ago by ballsnetwork (+10 / -6 / -6Score on mirror )
A federated decentralized discussion board with reddit like functionality. Censorship resistant by design.

The maker of wolfballs even said he would personally help anyone set up their own instance for free that can federate with his.

Perhaps the arête network might consider running on a federated codebase such as Lemmy or lotide and work together to insure their users aren't censored
posted 1 year ago by BBW (+8 / -0 )
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