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how that industrial revolution treatin' ya lads

Not WainGro, but the hastily created alt "waingros"

This is a mod acting like this.
MIT Living Wage Calculator (livingwage.mit.edu)
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Tau Day (June 28) 2022 (tauday.com)
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"Musopen’s goal is to be the largest online repository of music in the public domain."
Thought this was an interesting applied business idea
They want to expand to have entire ad-supported stores with other necessary items
(Rather than single-use water bottles, a future reusable water bottle would be a nice idea)
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"It's not enough for such governments to lie to you, but they have to force people to repeat the lie themselves, and the more grotesque the lie, the better. To make you repeat it, that way in your humiliation, you become its sissy sub.
They extubate through that, the spirit of defiance and self rule, and they make you party to their network of falsehoods."
What a wordsmith.
Euclid's Elements (infogalactic.com)
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Classic math text
via wiki:
"[It's] a seven-day event that advocates bicycling for transportation."
"Bike Week has been running in the UK since 1923."
"In the United States of America, May is recognized as Bike Month and Bike to Work Week is always either the first or second full week of May."
f***cars is trending on reddit, and with gas prices as they are, walking or biking can be nice alternatives if you live within a distance of wherever you're going - or can be good exercise and recreation
Pay-What-You-Want PDF
I realize everyone here might be in different countries, but I was wondering for those in the U.S. what the "American Dream" is to them, or those not in the U.S. of what some kind of equivalent dream is for those of your country.
Uffington White Horse (www.youtube.com)
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The oldest chalk hill figure in the UK at around 3000 years old... dating back to the Bronze Age.
There is some dispute as to whether this represents a horse or indeed a dragon. There is a "Dragon Hill" nearby which is reputed to be where St George slayed the dragon itself.
For us to to still be able to see this now in 2015, means it must have been maintained by at least 120 generations of human beings... ensuring it didn't get overgrown by grass... and the chalk was recut/refilled. Amazing. :-)
[ODYSEE Link for Region blocked Frens](https://odysee.com/@Blackpilled:b/PATCON6:d)
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Makes a screen more viewable in bright sun outside
Battery times would improve because of low power usage by e-ink screen
There are some e-ink smartphones being created
Anyone else like this idea?
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Anti-Federalist Papers (infogalactic.com)
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> [National Day of Unplugging encourages people] to take a 24-hour-break from screens, devices, and social media.
> Children and youth use 4-5 times the amount of technology recommended for their age.
> Too much technology has harmful effects on not only children, but adults, too.
The Case For Computer Based Math (www.computerbasedmath.org)
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> CBM is a new subject that starts from maths in the real world and works back to redefine the educational subject to match. A crucial change is to have computer-based (rather than human-powered) computation at its heart—redefining maths as the anchor subject for computational thinking across all subjects, centred on real-life problem solving, not historical hand-calculating techniques.
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Summertime, boys
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> Honda cars have been found to be severely vulnerable to a newly published Rolling PWN attack, letting you remotely open the car doors or even start the engine...
There's that buyitforlife subreddit, I was wondering if anyone has any good general recommendations of items they've purchased that seem to last a long time, or for life, or for multiple lifetimes.
Example: for cars, I've seen some people suggest Hondas or Toyotas
Got any suggestions or reviews to share?
DIY Soap Shoes (www.instructables.com)
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Kentucky Derby General (www.kentuckyderby.com)
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So I've identified this is an issue off and on, my strategy for reducing the problem is to record things to search on a search engine to do at a later time if ever (instead of searching for it, opening up tabs, and then leaving them be accumulated). Or to bookmark open tabs and come back to them.
Anyone else run in to this problem and how do you manage it?
> tfw just cleared out a tab hoard
I wrote down the main ideas I search for, and discarded accumluated extra unneeded links
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> The easiest way to run a Linux distribution or application on an Android device.
Kabaddi: Indian Sport of Tag (www.sportskeeda.com)
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source: trust me bro (search it)
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