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Hello fellow consumers,
As always thank you to everyone that participated in the last weekly and remember you are Operation MONKE!
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# This Weeks Discussion Theme: [Consoom A Better Time](
Surely you recall a better time than the present. Maybe you have rose-colored glasses and warm nostalgia for some time in the past. Maybe it was a few years ago, or a decade ago that pulls away your appreciation from the now. In this weekly, we CONSOOOM a better time. The goal is to share what you think the tipping point was. Many people will answer differently for example some may say it was 9/11, some might argue it was when the Berlin wall fell, while others born in the millennium may suggest it was something else, they observed. Do not limit discussions of tipping points to major historical events. Maybe others will suggest more subtle tipping points that may not be obvious like changes in culture or internet zeitgeist. There are also personal or small social tipping points. Maybe your friends circle started doing drugs after getting into some music or your family hasn’t been the same after a dispute over COVID.
Discussion ideas:
* Share your rose-colored glasses view of what you think a ‘better time’ was.
* Share an event, or change you consider the ‘tipping point’ of that ‘better time’.
* Are there any positive tipping points you can think of? Are all tipping points bad, what similarities do they share?
# Weekly Polls:
* ▶ [What do you want next week’s theme to be? (01-29)](
* [Suggest a new weekly themes to be added to the list](
# Previous Weeklies:
* [Master List](
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