Hello fellow consumers,
As always thank you to everyone that participated in the last weekly and remember you are Operation MONKE!
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# This Weeks Discussion Theme: [Gen ZED](https://take.supersurvey.com/resultsQSQ49DXGG)
Sup fam, this weekly is on Gen ZED and be bussin. This is an anti boomer zone, no cap. Hit your vape and blow a fat cloud boys. Sheeeeesh! Fresh pods do just hit different Iykyk. In this thread we just vibing high-key no cheugy shit k.
Discussion ideas:
* Gen Z WTF. Is this generation dumb?
* Is Gen Z a “based” generation? Why do some people think that?
* Do generations like Boomers, Gen X, Millennials really mean anything or matter?
# Weekly Polls:
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* [Suggest a new weekly theme to be added to the list](https://take.supersurvey.com/QW20VXWHK)
# Previous Weeklies:
* [Master List](https://communities.win/c/ConsumeProduct/wiki/ConPro-Weekly/)

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