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As always thank you to everyone that participated in the last weekly and remember you are Operation MONKE!
Excellent discussions consumers.
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# This Weeks Discussion Theme: [Consoom NEWS](https://take.supersurvey.com/resultsQWH0OHABI)
Did you hear on the NEEEEEEEWS that… Wait, I heard in the NEWS that… Wait, the NEWS said that... No that’s old NEWS I heard that…
Yes, consumers in this weekly we consoom NEWS. Some fedora wearing neckbeard urnalist will quickly point out when it comes to Journalism there is a difference between “hard news” and “soft media”. Hard news being that ideal reliable sources, journalistic integrity, covering real stories like corrupt politicians and criminals. And “soft media” being your tabloids, buzzfeed, tmz, celebrity gossip, and covering how the NEWEST PRODUCT is the best thing ever. When it comes to “hard news” and “reliable sources” to the minds of the masses, people think of pundits like Brian Stelter, Trevor Noah, and John Oliveyr. This style of coverage is the norm and is the “hard news”. But wise consumers will point out it’s just soft media political partisan gaslighting disguised as Journalism. This isn’t just a party A vs. party B issue. Grifters plague both sides. How did we get here? What is a “reliable source” anyway? You know what I don’t care. Is the weather going to be good this week? I just wanna grill for God's sake. What do you mean my grill is causing climate change!?
These kinds of ideas are what this weekly is all about.
Discussion ideas:
* How do you find your news? How do you know it’s a “reliable source”, does it matter? What is a reliable source?
* Considering that the internet enables citizen journalists to disseminate news to a wider audience quicker than professional news organizations does that mean the content of citizen journalists is subpar and requires “professional” fact checkers?
* I just wanna grill for God's sake.
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* [Open Response: Suggest weekly themes or provide some other suggestion]( https://poll.ly/k0URJ057Z6qG7vwKSTzV)
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"I just wanna grill for God's sake."
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