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Are White people Israelites?
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Not an easy question by any means.
All that I can say is that I don't know.
There are some apocryphal texts such as the Book of Maccabees (I, 12:6-18) that claim that the Israelite's of that time were close kin with the Greeks.
> Jonathan, the high priest, and the council of the nation and the priests and the rest of the Jewish people send greetings to their brothers, the Spartans. In former times, a letter was sent to the high priest Onias, from Areus who was then king among you, to say that you are our kinsman… And Onias showed honour to the man who was sent to him, and accepted the letter, which contained a declaration of alliance and friendliness.
> So, although we are in no need of these, since we find our encouragement in the sacred books that are in our keeping, we have undertaken to send to renew relations of brotherhood and friendliness with you, so that we may not become entirely estranged from you…
There are also some relatively coherent etymological and linguistic statements that claim that the "Saxons" are "Isaacs Sons" along with other close correlations of words , places, and names ..
and some theories have claimed that there was an Aryan "Brahmins" (Vedic Priest) , that they later become known as "Abraham" .
On the other hand, the jews are today as they were in Egypt 3k years ago, and the Bible seems to closely describe the modern jewish people, but the description does not seem to match modern White people.
There is a chance that modern jews are Edomite, from Esau , and White people are from Jacob.. The Rabbis like to claim that White people are Edom.. However many prominent jewish historians have shown evidence for the full merger of Edomites into Israel, even the 1925 jewish encyclopedia made this claim.
I could make a somewhat convincing response in either direction,.. but I will say this.
In my opinion, It is better for SOME Whites to believe that they are Israelites, and the Chosen people, rather than thinking that we are outside of the Covenant, and jews are the only chosenites. It's a matter of Racial confidence and Supremacy.
To really get to the bottom of this question one would have to investigate the alleged forgeries that may be contained in the Bible, and also the false History of our world and our people that we have inherited.
And one would even need to go back to Creation, or the Genesis of the White man on Earth.. We may not align with the biblical Israelite's in the Bible, but that does not mean that we are not Adamites.. if there is any Race on this Earth that is made in the Image of God, it is the White Race.
Down this path we come to questions about Polygenesis / Monogenesis, Evolution, and more.
Then the question of Genetics, Haplogroups, and Blood types.. Ahh, someone would have to spend a life time to properly understand, and it would still not be a certainty
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Correction, jewish Rabbis claim that the White people are Ammalek, requiring destruction.
It it the "Black Israelite Rabbis" which claim the White man as Edom, which makes even less sense, seeing as they claim to be Jacob, but Essau was Jacobs brother!
This is no better than the claim made by some Christians that Blacks came from the "Curse of Ham"
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I do wonder how much of the Old Testament the Rabbis' follow. Does the Talmud take precedent over it of are there Jews who don't follow Talmudic teachings?
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I would say that there are three classes of jew.
The Secret Society of Racially pure Ashkenazis that follow Talmud, and Kaballah.. these are the ones that control the affairs of lower caste jews, and they coordinate with one another for World hegemony.
Second there are the Orthodox (Conservative) jews that primarily follow Torah, with a bit of Talmud. They are very Powerful, but also the most tolerable of the three.
Third there are the progressive jews, and I would include the Atheist jews in this category since their degenerate views have a lot in common.
It cannot be said that any caste of jews does not follow the Talmud.. There is very little distinction between jewish Culture, Genetics, and Religion.. So even if a jew does not know Talmud, they still act it out in their lives.
The only Universal jewish practice & belief is jewish Supremacy.
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Not all white people were in Israel, but the people who conquered the Canaanites were white Indo-European folk. There in Canaan, one of their tribes degenerated and mixed with the local semites. This mixing extended all the way to the imprisonment in Egypt. When Moses left Egypt, it is said he left with the freed Israelites and a "mixed rabble".
There's much more on this subject, but the biggest thing is that someone could prove to you that the people descended from Adam are white, and those other races are perhaps more connected to the Land of Nod, the Nodites, and the half-Nod/half-Adamite descendants from Cain.
So, I've heard both that Adam was white, therefore the original Israelites were white, and I've heard that Abraham left an Indo-European society in Ur to conquer Canaan with his tribe, therefore making Israelites a breakaway Indo-European tribe and religion.
edi: so true Israelites would've been white, but not all white people entered Canaan with Abraham.
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