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posted 2 months ago by Uncle_Adolf (+1 / -0 / +72Score on mirror )
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Vlad_The_Impaler on
2 months ago -1 points (+0 / -0 / -1Score on mirror ) 2 children
Also grow a toothbrush mustache.

Jews love their goyim to have baby-faced shaved face like a cuck bitch. It's why SHABBOS GOYs like Trump and Desantis keep their faces shaved for their zionist masters. Jews don't want Trump or Desantis to have scratchy face when they are sucking jews off
BeefyBelisarius on
2 months ago 0 points (+0 / -0 )
Or go for a [younger look. Pickelhaube optional, if you can find one.](
January22nd2022 on
2 months ago 0 points (+0 / -0 ) 1 child
Was Hitler a migapede zionist cuck too?
Vlad_The_Impaler on
2 months ago 1 point (+1 / -0 )
Well the Holocaust is a big lie. Hitler was obviously not mass genociding them and gassing them, like the Jews paid the Young Turks to do to White Christian Armenians, or what Jews did to white Ukrainians in the Holodomor. So one might argue that Hitler was zionist in the respect that he was assisting in the deportation of jews to the settlement of Palestine. Though Hitler gave a speech to the Palestinians claiming to be on their side. The history is full of many lies and false allegations.

Whether or not German Nazis were involved in Zionism or complicit makes for a good discussion. What's your opinion?
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