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posted 2 months ago by Uncle_Adolf (+1 / -0 / +72Score on mirror )
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ChargedUpCharger on
2 months ago 6 points (+0 / -0 / +6Score on mirror ) 1 child
The way I think about it, if I don't get a good nights sleep my brain won't store the things I learned the previous day effectively. So essentislly I'm throwing away new skills and knowlage just to get an extra hour of free time. Not worth it.

I've got young children now. I'll just say I'm glad I got good sleep while I could.
January22nd2022 on
2 months ago 1 point (+0 / -0 / +1Score on mirror )
"Sleep 8 hours? Are you some lazy leftist bum? You need to learn less, think less and work harder!"

Ben Shapiro on truth serum.
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