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posted 1 month ago by Uncle_Adolf (+2 / -0 / +133Score on mirror )
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NoticingSomeNoses on
1 month ago 42 points (+1 / -0 / +41Score on mirror )
According to a study by Shlomo Bagelwitz of Dreidel University, all protein not derived from insects is poison.
USSDefiantJazz on
1 month ago 26 points (+1 / -0 / +25Score on mirror ) 1 child
Good. Drink your soy, goy. More steak and eggs for me.
Dark_Shroud on
1 month ago 7 points (+0 / -0 / +7Score on mirror ) 1 child
The sad part about your comment, if the liberal genetic females actually drank the protein shakes for women that contain organic soy and collagen they would be much healthier.
HimmlerWasRight88 on
1 month ago 0 points (+0 / -0 ) 1 child
Women need the same diet as men, they don't need excess estrogens.
Dark_Shroud on
1 month ago 0 points (+0 / -0 )
Base vitamin requirements might be the same, but there are differences.

That's why there are women's multi-vitamins.

Now as to the subject of my post, liberal/democrat women are often not physically healthy. Especially the younger and non-rich ones. This includes hormone imbalances, especially in the fatties.

Many of them would be better off doing a meal replacement plan drinking a protein shake made for women at lunch instead. Way over simplified organic soy helps boost natural estrogen. I also mentioned collagen to help with their skin & hair because so many of them look like shit.
brain_fuckler on
1 month ago 17 points (+1 / -0 / +16Score on mirror ) 2 children
They do this constantly and people who don't have the time or mental bandwidth to parse this garbage out will end up confused and just go back to eating whatever is easiest. Usually junk food. The jews and their golems know a revolution will never come until food runs out. If they can keep pretending slop is food they can get rich while staying alive. If people knew how close we are to them removing actual food from our diet completely they would hang these kikes in record time.
1 month ago 6 points (+0 / -0 / +6Score on mirror )
Jews can create all of the goyslop they want. Butter? No. Margaine? Yes.
Refined byproducts and upcycled waste.
they-see-me-trollin on
1 month ago 6 points (+0 / -0 / +6Score on mirror ) 1 child
and this was an obvious hackjob.

they used shitty soy protein for the test, and then used a picture of what the left thinks a right winger looks like, eating chicken wings.

soy is full of phytoestrogens, and medical journal articles like this applaud phytoestrogens for being able to help out women with hormone deficiencies in menopause. then of course, if you mention that this is bad for men, they will screech and reee and deny deny deny. and if you point out that phytoestrogens are bad for younger women as they increase rates of breast cancer, they will REEEE even harder.

now equally, the only time anyone considers chicken wings as protein is dumb bureaucratic bullshit, and when a drunk fratboi wants to go out drinking for the night and needs to keep his protein up. no one serious about their health genuinely considers chicken wings as good, healthy protein.

so they directly mislead and lie to the reader in multiple ways here.
Dark_Shroud on
1 month ago 0 points (+0 / -0 )
I said elsewhere in this thread that if the liberal hag women actually drink those Women's protein shakes as part of a meal replacement they would be much better off.

Whey Protein, Organic soy, & Collagen being some of the important ingredients.
WaceRawrNaowUwU on
1 month ago 10 points (+0 / -0 / +10Score on mirror )
I'm surprised they didn't say eating too much protein makes you infertile. Stevia is a contraceptive that was used in South America before it became a common food additive in the US. If you're drinking several of these a day, you'll have extremely low fertility.
LesboPregnancyScare on
1 month ago 9 points (+0 / -0 / +9Score on mirror )
(((experts say)))
psychoticpartial on
1 month ago 9 points (+0 / -0 / +9Score on mirror )
"New study" there sure have been a lot lately, I wonder if nobody was able to figure out what we should eat or shouldn't eat before.
Captain_Raamsley on
1 month ago 9 points (+0 / -0 / +9Score on mirror )
Meal replacement is jewish
Questionable on
1 month ago 6 points (+0 / -0 / +6Score on mirror )
Thank goodness I don't eat protein then. As I eat meat.
FuckMcNuggets on
1 month ago 6 points (+1 / -0 / +5Score on mirror )
Pro tip: be as weak as possible so your jewish masters have an easier time exterminating you (if you don't you're antisemitic)
caravanofdeath on
1 month ago 5 points (+1 / -0 / +4Score on mirror )
There's never been any evidence that protein damages kidneys. Only that people with damaged kidneys cannot process very much protein. They leave out the bit that it's modern foods which cause kidney damage. Their shills get very irate when it's pointed out that man-made crap like leafy veg causes kidney stones for example.
GloboHomoErectus on
1 month ago 4 points (+0 / -0 / +4Score on mirror )
Fuck you! I'm overloaded on eggs right now, they were selling a dozen for 1 euro after Easter and I bought so many eggs.
RicFlair on
1 month ago 4 points (+0 / -0 / +4Score on mirror )
Rude for them to just post my picture like that
Kaizen on
1 month ago 3 points (+1 / -0 / +2Score on mirror ) 1 child
I had a pork knuckle last night, scrambled 8 eggs on the side, and stir fried some vegetables. Fuck me it was great.
psychoticpartial on
1 month ago 7 points (+0 / -0 / +7Score on mirror )
Oy vey you're going to need a vaccine for all that protein
Crockett on
1 month ago 2 points (+1 / -0 / +1Score on mirror )
AYFKM? If this is real, it is the most fucked up perversion of nutritional science I've ever seen.

Like, this isn't just some academics jerking themselves off then using statistics to massage the cum splatter into supporting their narrative.

This is full-charge anti-science "let's just obliterate the concept of isolated variables from the outset" lying lying lying. This can only be deliberate malicious propaganda. There is zero chance that this science is taken seriously by any of its perpetrators.
DieHeretic on
1 month ago 1 point (+1 / -0 )
They want you weak and feminized.
They will poison you in order to achieve their goals.
It's why they are desperate to stop all animal husbandry on this planet.
Real men eat animal protein.

lump on
1 month ago -6 points (+0 / -0 / -6Score on mirror ) 2 children
I appreciate how you've all been NPC programmed to throw a fit whenever anyone mentions Nazis... (ahem) sorry, I mean vegetarian food... but adding milk to Asian soups and sauces instead of coconut milk, adding fetta to salads and cooking daal and chickpea curries with fetta cubes will add a lot of God's delicious, healthy, high-protein and cheap foods to your menu.

Mix in some navy beans to your next beef stew or shepherd's pie for extra volume, nutrients and lots of protein.

I'm done. You may now throw a fit and pee your panties.

You_Are_Based on
1 month ago 9 points (+0 / -0 / +9Score on mirror ) 1 child
You came in here on your own private, mismatched wavelength lol
lump on
1 month ago -1 points (+0 / -0 / -1Score on mirror ) 1 child

I say what I want without worrying about the thoughts in other people's heads.
You_Are_Based on
1 month ago 6 points (+0 / -0 / +6Score on mirror ) 1 child
Idk it seemed an awful lot like you were worried about what people thought of veganism... you invoked the hypothetical reactions of others 2 or 3 times in a post that contains no other information than "I eat vegetables and also cheese"
lump on
1 month ago -3 points (+0 / -0 / -3Score on mirror ) 1 child
Good advice is good, irrespective of your feelings.

You place too much importance on serving the feelings of others: it makes you their slave.

Helping weak minded people recognize this is the solution to the bandwagon problem.
You_Are_Based on
1 month ago 2 points (+0 / -0 / +2Score on mirror ) 2 children
It's like you are replying to a different comment than the one I wrote lol
caravanofdeath on
1 month ago 0 points (+0 / -0 ) 1 child
Beans contain very poor quality, incomplete and unavailable protein. It's better to never eat them and instead either eat fewer calories or spend the money on more meat. I think modern people don't understand that foods like beans, rice and bread have always been caloric fillers eaten by people who cannot afford high quality calories, and they have allowed themselves to be duped by food marketers to believe that these high-profit foods are healthy or that including them is good for "balance".
lump on
1 month ago 0 points (+0 / -0 )
Beans are rice are a perfect, whole protein.

Everything you said was false, but good effort. Well done.
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