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posted 1 month ago by Uncle_Adolf (+2 / -0 / +133Score on mirror )
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brain_fuckler on
1 month ago 17 points (+1 / -0 / +16Score on mirror ) 2 children
They do this constantly and people who don't have the time or mental bandwidth to parse this garbage out will end up confused and just go back to eating whatever is easiest. Usually junk food. The jews and their golems know a revolution will never come until food runs out. If they can keep pretending slop is food they can get rich while staying alive. If people knew how close we are to them removing actual food from our diet completely they would hang these kikes in record time.
1 month ago 6 points (+0 / -0 / +6Score on mirror )
Jews can create all of the goyslop they want. Butter? No. Margaine? Yes.
Refined byproducts and upcycled waste.
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