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posted 20 days ago by NiggerPete (+1 / -0 / +10Score on mirror )
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I can't tell if this is bad audio or tts
RaceCreatesCulture on
20 days ago -5 points (+0 / -0 / -5Score on mirror ) 1 child
You want to really know how Germany's economy truly boomed? The USA had been lending tons of money to Germany specifically to develop Germany's industry so that Germany could make its reparation payments. The USA did this to keep the peace in Europe because France was wanting to take drastic action against Germany and not meeting reparations would have given France the leverage to push for this.

When Hitler came to power, he decided to stop paying the Americans for the debt they gave him and stop paying reparations. That way essentially what gave Germany such a boost given that the USA had already lent tens of billions to Germany specifically to develop their industry.

Imagine someone gave you $20b and said, you had to repay $1b each year and you only made $1.1b in income. Your net income would be $100m Then imagine you said fuck your debt, I'll pay you nothing. Now you have income coming in of $1.1b an 11x increase all over that move. That essentially would improve your income to improve your economy 11x overnight.

That's the one secret trick Hitler did... and trust me... anyone who pulled a similar stunt would get similar results in spite of all the socialist policies.
Captain_Raamsley on
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xmasskull on
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Common Sense,which YOU DON'T have.
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