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posted 1 year ago by Shep1488 (+8 / -0 )
The Spirit of treasuring, enjoying and
appreciating material Life when it is lived in
accordance with the Truth, fills one’s heart with
joy in the face of adversity, in defense of, and in
the struggle for the Truth. Gives one the certainty
to challenge the unknown with wild abandon.
He is the third spirit on the path of one’s
awakening as a National Socialist, for he helps
one find the joy in struggle, and reminds them of
the material things that are worth protecting
and cherishing. Stands closest to the material
world and temporal matters, he is a Force In Time, most concerned with appreciating
nature in all its forms, and enjoying Life in accordance with the Truth to the fullest,
seeking adventures and true joy that comes with the Certainty that one lives in
accordance with all nature and the Truth.
Appears as a smiling figure with his eyes hidden by his cap, carrying a bag. The smile
signifies the confidence, certainty and joy one feels when they live in accordance with
their own nature, material nature at large, and the Absolute Truth. His bag signifies
readiness to face the unknown, to go exploring, adventuring and experiencing Life as it
was meant to be experienced. This joyful Certainty aids one in all their personal,
temporal ventures. He gives a Thumbs Up to express his enjoyment of the material fruits
of the Absolute Truth that are to be found in the material, temporal world. It signifies
how he is Having Fun living.
His symbol is a Planted Seed, the vertical line begins from a downwards pointing arrow
and ends by connecting a horizontal line that has two hooks pointing in opposite
directions. The arrow signifies how a higher wisdom, the Truth, planted itself in the
horizontal line of the material world and taken roots that spread out. It depicts how the
material world and nature are a projection of the spiritual world of the Absolute Truth,
how the material world is the planted seed of that Truth, meant to be enjoyed while its
connection to the spiritual world is maintained. The leftward and rightward pointing
hooks of the horizontal line signify that this Spirit has an equal standing with the Right
and Left Hand Paths.
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