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Defender and enforcer of Truth in the material
world, bringer of justice, aids one in their struggle,
giving one fortitude, resoluteness of will, strength
and cold detachment to carry out what must be
done. He is the second spirit on the path of one’s
awakening as a National Socialist, for he gives one
the strength and will to fight injustice wherever it
may be found. He brings the Absolute Truth and its
eternal wisdom to the material world, he is a Force
Against Time, most concerned with Hard opposition
to all that is an affront to the Truth, and with
enforcement of our Worldview in the material world.
Appears as a figure wearing a skeleton half mask and carrying a shield adorned with
the Swastika. The half mask signifies the Spirit’s connection to the material world, as that
is the place of his struggle, but the skeletal image reminds those who witness it, that he
comes to oppose the merely material, bringing death to all that opposes the Truth, the
eternal wisdom of which he seeks to bring back into the temporal affairs of men. The
shield represents his unyielding and Hard stance in the defense and enforcement of
Truth and its justice. His gesture is the Conqueror’s Fist, meant to signify that he has
come to Wage War, conquer, claim and subjugate everything to the Absolute Truth.
His symbol is a Sword, the vertical line of the blade crosses the horizontal line which
makes its hilt, and represents the material world, signifying the struggle to reach for the
higher knowledge and Truth above, the hook of the key is on the left side, signifying the
Spirit’s relation to the Left Hand Path.

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