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The pursuer, keeper and granter of knowledge
and wisdom, aids one in gaining insight, shows
the path and the answer. He is the first spirit on
the path of one’s awakening as a National
Socialist, for he gives one the key to knowledge
that will open one’s eyes to the Truth of the
world around them, giving one direction
towards further awakening and understanding.
He stands the closest to Absolute Truth and
eternal wisdom, he is a Force Above Time, most
concerned with the Purity of our Worldview.
Appears as a figure wearing a black mask with the Swastika on the forehead, holding a
tome that is likewise adorned with the Swastika. The black mask covers his face, to
signify transcendence beyond the material world, death of the Ego and achieving a
higher state of being. The Swastika is positioned on the mask as a Third Eye, to signify the
source of the transcendent wisdom. The book contains the Doctrine of our Worldview,
which he aims to keep Pure. He gives the Roman Salute to welcome those who would
seek and accept the Truth, and also to proclaim his own loyalty to it, signifying that he
Honors Truth.
His symbol is a Key superimposed on an Eye, the upward vertical line of the key with its
point leading upwards from the eye symbolizing awakening to higher knowledge and
the Truth, the hook of the key is on the right side, signifying the Spirit’s relation to the
Right Hand Path.

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