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[**The Founding of the NSRF**](
Interesting article about the fracture of an old organization and the birth of a new one. **Article by The American Futurist**
 [I'm in no way involved with this organization.]

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>Atomwaffen Division and the original National Socialist Order.
You are on the list. Congrats guys. I remember a video by James Mason saying **the Atomwaffen** are dead. The org claiming to be them are feds. Many young White men were sent to 20years to Life in prison for being involved with that fake org. As far as what happened to the originals...
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The American Futurist is directly affiliated with James Mason and original AWD members. I doubt they would promote any group that was run by feds.
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I don't this org is feds. Oddly enough many at ConPro don't like The American Futurist takes on things. I've posted a few of their articles there before.
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The American Futurist promotes violence and White revolution as the only solution (All true, and anyone who says otherwise is bullshitting). I think this turns off a lot of the people at ConPro who still believe in the "Parallel society" thing RSF talks about. A lot of the dudes over a ConPro have something to lose, and don't really want to give their lives for this at the moment.
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>"Parallel society"
We don't currently have a good infrastructure and influence yet to really get the ball rolling as of yet. We should all be training and organizing at the local level. I'm of the opinion we should be doing both. **Building and organizing.**
I'm always looking the break the system in creative ways.
We will need 2 armies. **Builders** and **destroyers** One supporting the other. Right now, we are but an army of propaganda and politics. Which serves the 2 future insurgencies.
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